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It was probably the messiest reunion yet

Before we can put season 6 of Love is Blind to rest and move on to the next, the all-important reunion is here to give us the closure we need on the drama happening both on and off-camera. While this reunion was full of revelations, here are some of the most important takeaways.

The Grillings

Nick and Vanessa did not hold back on grilling some of the cast. Jeramey, Sarah Ann and Trevor all experienced tough questions from the Lacheys and fellow cast members. Jeramey and Sarah Ann got together after his and Laura’s engagement ended and things are not so rosy. Between the intense scrutiny on social media due to allegations from Jeramey’s ex-fiancée to Chelsea exposing the fact that their relationship has been on and off the past year, it seems as though things are shaky for them. Sarah Ann does not seem very remorseful for how she went about things when she DMed Jeramey after his engagement to Laura by telling him she was still open to talking. Laura and Jessica called out her behavior as well as Jeramey’s, but ultimately Laura does not care for the situation now. However, the person who potentially came across the worst was Trevor. This man was struggling to explain himself over the text messages that exposed him going on the show while having a girlfriend. He admitted he went on the show with both good and bad intentions. At one point, he asked if he could leave the stage, something never seen before at the reunion. He would have been best not attending the reunion at all. Safe to say these three did not redeem their already poor image.

What Could Have Been

After their dramatic wedding day, many viewers wondered if Clay and AD would work things out after filming ended. This did not happen. AD even went on a couple dates with Matthew, her other connection from the pods. Clay was emotional at the reunion and expressed his love for AD and his sadness that the relationship didn’t work. He has gone to therapy to work on his issues and seemingly has grown a lot. I don’t think the door is fully closed on their relationship, so who knows what happens in the future for these two singletons.

Not Enough Air Time

Despite Chelsea and Jimmy getting more airtime than all the other couples in all the other episodes, their relationship was not discussed much at the reunion. More time was spent on Jimmy and Jessica arguing over how their relationship ended. While Chelsea and Jimmy have been seen out multiple times with one another, their relationship status was never addressed. In some post-show interviews, they revealed that they are just friends. However, the touchy-feely display at the reunion, plus several cozy pap photos, suggests something more.

Another couple who received little attention was Brittany and Kenneth. They did reveal that they are friends and speak daily. Kenneth also discussed why he was on his phone so much, stating his job as a principal is very hands-on as he is always in contact with parents. There’s seemingly no bad blood between these two, which is great to hear.

Love is Blind For One Couple

Amy and Johnny’s wedding was one of the best weddings I have seen on the show. Seeing their families mesh was beautiful and they shared photos of such at the reunion. They both admit that if they crossed paths in person, they probably would have never dated, so it makes their connection even more special. They were joined by many other past couples at the reunion, showing that the show’s concept can work in certain instances. They also addressed the recurring birth control issue, but no real answer was given. It seems as though they’ve worked it out themselves a long time ago.

In my season 5 review, I hoped that more than one couple would get married. While that wasn’t the case, this season delivered more in every other department. Social media continues to play an immense role in these relationships and the reunion is a great way to get a condensed version of it all before the cast goes and does various tell-all podcasts. Love is Blind continues to give every season and I’m excited to see what the seventh installment will bring.

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