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this season was packed full of them

Love is Blind is a show that has captured my interest for the last three seasons. There’s something about crappy reality T.V. and dumpster-fire relationships that really entertains me – along with countless other watchers. But despite the show’s original intent – to create successful marriages not based on physical looks – each season produces comically unsuccessful pairings. And though I know we’re fed carefully constructed clips of the show, some of the habits we see in these relationships are seriously astounding. Since watching the newest season, I’ve decided to put together a list of the top 5 red flags so far. Spoilers included.

1. Ken’s phone obsession

I think we all expected more from the pastor and elementary school principal Ken. He seemed extremely wholesome in the pods, more than enthusiastic to meet his fiance, and ready to settle down. However, as soon as they got their phones back, we saw Ken have more one-on-one time with his screen than Brittany. I physically cringed while watching her talk to him just to get no response, and how he checked his phone numerous times while they were having their engagement-ending conversation. Maybe it was because he wasn’t feeling the relationship, but to see him so engulfed in his phone gave the impression he couldn’t care less. His cool demeanor turned out to be a bit too calm, especially as he was breaking things off with his fiancé.

2. Clay’s sudden seriousness

Anyone can see Clay has some serious issues with relationships, but for me the most unsettling part is how fast he goes from smiling and laughing to being hit with a wave of seriousness in a matter of seconds. His fiancé noticed this and even pointed out the crazy switch up in one situation. To me, this speaks to his emotional regulation and communication, and it’s clear there is some growth that needs to be done. One moment he’s laughing and the next he’s talking about fighting demons to not cheat? If I were AD, I’d run for the hills.

3. Comments from Laura’s parents

Criticizing Laura is hard because of how awful Jeramey is, but there’s something about that girl that was a bit off-putting from the start. Her comments from the beginning seemed a bit forward and condescending, but it really culminated in what her parents said about her. It was something along the lines of: “If you make her into a princess and put her on a pedestal, she’ll walk all over you”. This is highly concerning to me, since the people who know and love her the most said that about their own daughter. Her treatment of other people in the show reflects this as well, and combined with this comment I started seeing her actions as those of a mean girl, not a bad b*tch.

4. Chelsea’s dirty-martini fight

I’m honestly shocked that Chelsea has given me no option but to like Jimmy. I was rooting for this girl, but her entire drunk-fight with him screamed anxious-attachment. While I can understand being insecure about your man being best friends with an old hook-up, she blew the rest of the situation out of proportion. Going out for a drink on your friend’s birthday is hardly what I’d call partying. But beyond that, the fact that these serious, relationship-ending conversations were just coming up when she was drunk is a major red flag. I give Jimmy credit for the way he handled it and the fact that he forgave her, because it would have taken a bit more from me to get over it!

5. Jeramey’s house

There are so many other red flags from Jeramey that are just too obvious, but one that strangely put me off was his house. This was a big deal to Laura, and she was pleased to find his home clean and organized. But to me it seemed way too staged, from the matching silverware to the one canvas of mass-produced artwork. I’ve seen rumors circulating online about him actually selling his old place and getting a new one right before the show, and I have to say I’m slightly convinced. Something about this guy just screams psycho, but I guess that’s Sarah Ann’s problem now!

This list honestly just brushes the surface of Season 6’s relationships. Part of me thinks that the longer the show is out, each new season will attract crazier and crazier people. But we still have yet to see the fate of the three couples, and I’m looking forward to what happens at the altar.

Angie Bloechl

Wisconsin '25

Angie is a junior at UW-Madison this year studying economics. She love listening to podcasts, reading & painting!