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Livin LArgentina – Post #20

Argentina in a Nutshell
It might seem that this is the kind of post to come at the end of my trip abroad, when I’ve truly seen everything Argentina has to offer. However, there were three separate groups of parents here this past week, so we really had to pull out all the stops and do every tourist-y thing imaginable. Thus, I feel compelled to write this summary now, and outline every activity a visitor should do when coming to Buenos Aires.

  1. Palermo Soho
    Palermo Soho is the trendiest part of the city and is filled with fashionable stores and delicious eateries. One can spend an entire afternoon walking around the area, whether it’s shopping, dining or sunbathing in one of its charming parks. Be sure to stop at a bakery and pick up a homemade alfajor, an Argentine cookie made with shortbread and loads of dulce de leche.
  2. Recoleta Cemetery. Though this sounds strange, Recoleta Cemetery is a beautifully-landscaped cemetery in an old, elegant part of town and is famous for being the burial site of Argentina’s own Evita Peron. The former First Lady’s grave is lavish and extravagant, and millions of people who wish to pay homage to her leave flowers on her grave daily.
  3. MALBA. For some enriching, intellectual stimulation, head to MALBA, Buenos Aires’ most famous art museum. It features all kinds of Latin American art and has an especially cool collection of modern art. Go on Wednesdays with a student ID and get in for free!
  4. Boca Juniors. 
    Since futbol is an integral part of any Hispanic country, it only makes sense to take a visitor to an exciting match. A local team in Buenos Aires is Boca Juniors, and the audience is almost as exciting as the game itself. The crowd goes nuts for their team, and cheers and chants their way through the entire match. Definitely a must-see in BA.
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