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Leslie Cohen, Cultural Linguistics Program

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Ill.
Major: Psych, Pre dent
Can you tell me a little about Cultural Linguistics Program?
There are visiting scholars from other countries who are proficient in certain subjects. However, they are unfamiliar with American culture and have difficult understanding the language itself and communicating their ideas.
Why types of things do you do for the program?
We are paired with an employee or visiting scholar, and we work on areas they need help with such as pronunciation, American culture, idioms, writing, reading, etc.
What are some of your favorite experiences?
I love reading classic folk tales. I help my scholar understand the story, and I work on his pronunciation. I also enjoy learning about the Japanese culture because he is from a city right outside of Tokyo. I love learning about his culture, and he’s interested in learning about my religion.

What activities do you use to tutor people?
The program provides many online tools and worksheets to bring to sessions. It is also helpful to read books. I’ve helped him to translate a story that is very dear to him about someone he was close to who passed away. He also requested that I bring a book when we meet so we can read it together, and then I can ask him questions about what we read so we can assess his understanding.
How can other people get involved if they are interested?
Contact Thao Zong in the Cultural Linguistics Department. 

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