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LEGO to LEGOLAND: HC’s Kate Allen Abroad

This past weekend my friend, Alex, and I decided to channel our inner childs and head out at dawn for LEGOLAND. Over the past few weeks, I started to feel a tad homesick. I tried talking to my parents and friends, eating comfort food, and everything else to get through the homesickness. LEGOLAND cured it. Sometimes all one needs is to get back in touch with their inner child.

Before I came to Denmark I did not know that LEGO is Danish. When I discovered this I knew I must go to LEGOLAND. People I knew who have travelled to Denmark said, “The one thing you must do while you are in Denmark is go to LEGOLAND.” So I did.

Alex and I left at 7:50 on a Saturday morning to start a 3-hour journey to Billund (located in the middle of Jutland, the peninsula of Denmark that attaches to Germany), the home of LEGOLAND! The countryside of Denmark is gorgeous, seeing cornfields and tractors reminded me of Wisconsin.

Once inside LEGOLAND there was so much to do—roller coasters, water rides, tour trains, and Miniland. My favorite part was Miniland. Miniland is various towns, villages, places built out of legos. Millions and millions of legos.
Mt. Rushmore


After an amazing trip to LEGOLAND I need to figure out my fall break plans.

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