The Last Week of College as told by Phil Dunphy

College students across the country are gearing up for the last week of the semester. For seniors like me, we’re trying to process the fact that this is our last week of undergrad EVER, and it’s the epitome of bittersweet: saying goodbye to exams...but also to Thirsty Thursdays. No more early morning classes...but no more late afternoons spent at the terrace either.  

Here at UW-Madison, we have the privilege and honor of welcoming Steve Levitan, the co-creator of Modern Family, as our commencement speaker. I’ve always been a big fan of Steve because he brought us the greatest dad television has ever known...Phil Dunphy. As I prepare for my final week on this campus, who better to express my feelings than Phil himself:

When you have to study for finals, plan for graduation, and attempt to emotionally prepare yourself for the adult you just decide to go to brunch and have a dozen mimosas instead.  

When your parents joke that you’ll be alumni just like them in a matter of days.

When your professor actually makes you take a final, and then you found out it’s cumulative and at 7:45 am.

When you've given up all pretense of studying and are pumped about simply receiving a passing grade.

When you’re texting all your friends about how much you’re going to miss living in the same city as each other.

When your younger friends talk about how excited they are for football game-days in the fall.

When someone asks you about all the wisdom and valuable life skills you’ve learned during college.

When someone asks you what is the best advice you have for incoming freshmen.

When you question if you’re ready to leave college and take on the real world, so you give yourself a little pep talk.

When it’s your last night out as a college student.

...and you’re fairly certain that someone is you.

When you realize in a few weeks you won’t be able to have Ian’s Pizza in the middle of the night.

When you finally don that cap and gown and leave Camp Randall a college graduate.

When you think about having to say goodbye to your university and home for the past four years.

When you realize that even though college is over, you’re ready to take on the next chapter in your life.

Phil understands that graduation is the combination of a sad ending and an exciting beginning, but we can always count on our favorite modern dad to understand what we’re going through. And I think I speak for all Badgers when I say we can’t wait to hear what Phil-osophies Steve has for us this Saturday!​
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