Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

Spring break is rapidly approaching and, unfortunately, not all of us have time to plan a tropical vacation. While your friends are basking in the sun in Mexico, or all aboard a cruise in the Caribbean, you can enjoy yourself too. Here are six last-minute ideas you can count on this spring break:

  1. Take a road trip.

There’s nothing more fun than grabbing a group of friends and picking a place to go. Whether you travel near or far, there’s something special about road trips. Recommendation: Create a shared Spotify playlist so everyone can jam out to their favorite tunes.

  1. Go to a concert or festival.

Look for cheap (or free) concerts around your area; there are probably more than you think. Dress up and have an unforgettable night with your friends. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, consider going to a music festival.

  1. Get outside.

Hiking? Skiing? A little fresh air never hurt anyone. Exploring your state's natural wonders with a group of friends is therapeutic. You could even rent a cabin for an entire weekend and split the cost. No Wifi? Don’t fret- you could use a break.

  1. Visit a friend’s hometown or school.

One of the coolest things about going off to college is meeting people from all around the country. Maybe your roommate lives in a city you’ve never visited, or your friend from home isn’t on spring break- visit them. You’ll get to see a new place without having to pay to stay there.

  1. Volunteer.

If you don’t want to travel anywhere, a week is plenty of time to volunteer. You’ll make a difference in the community while building your resume. You can pick the place, and whether you pick a local animal shelter or children’s hospital, the experience will be rewarding.

  1. Have a baking spree.

Food = happiness. Invite your friends over and bake all day. Recommendation: Look on Pinterest for cute and yummy recipes.

These are inexpensive spring break ideas that don’t require much planning. So, pick one (or four) and enjoy yourself: it is spring break after all.