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Five costumes for your last-minute party or event

Every year, I plan a weekend’s worth of Halloween costumes, yet nearly every time either myself or one of my friends is scrambling to find costumes. So, here is a list of costumes you can pull together from your closet, your friend’s closet and maybe a quick trip to Target. 

Walking red flag 

This is definitely an idea that I stole from TikTok, but all you need is a red dress or any red outfit, red paper, safety pins and a marker. Take your red paper, cut it into little triangles, and write any of your red flags or any red flags you see in other people onto the paper and safety-pin the flags into your outfit. It’s easy, funny and a little bit creative. 


All you need for this DIY mummy costume is a white outfit and some gauze bandages. Take the gauze and wrap it all over your white outfit and around your wrists/arms, legs or anywhere else you want to add it to and tie the bandages off. And, if you want to make it a little messier, you can take a fluffy makeup brush, dip it in some darker-colored eyeshadow/makeup, and messily apply it all over the bandages.

Regina George 

This costume does require sacrificing a white tank top, but everyone will definitely recognize who you are. All you need is a black skirt and a white tank top. Throw on your skirt and cut two circles out of the front of your tank top over your bra and you’re done. 

Olive from Easy A 

For this costume, all you need is a pair of black pants, a black top (preferably some kind of corset top if you have it) and once again, some red paper or fabric. Wear your all-black outfit, cut out an ‘A’ in your red fabric or paper and attach the A on the front of your top, right over your heart. 


Dressing up as a vampire might be one of the easier last-minute costumes you can do, and I would know because this is exactly what my roommates and I did last year. The only thing you might need to purchase for this one is some fake blood and teeth. Wear all-black anything – a dress, skirt, pants, or any black top – attach your fake teeth (the ones that we used required us to soak the fake teeth in hot water and then mold the fakes onto our real teeth), and paint a little fake blood dripping from the corners of your mouth and throw a little bit on your neck. 

Now, when you get invited to a last-minute party or event, you have a couple of easy costumes to choose from. 

Jenna Trucke

Wisconsin '24

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