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How Your Relationship With Your Sister Changes as You Get Older

Younger sisters are a special gift in life. She’s the person who has been there in life through basically every step of the way, and the person you can always count on to raid your closet. After growing up together, when you go away to college you realize a lot about how your relationship has evolved over the years and how it has changed since you don’t live under the same roof together anymore.

She can make you laugh harder than anyone else now

When you were younger, you often saw your little sister as annoying and probably didn’t find much of the stuff she said very funny. As she’s gotten older, you start to realize that she is actually really funny and you don’t know how you didn’t realize it earlier. You can laugh with your little sister about embarrassing things from your childhood and have inside jokes about your parents that only you guys will get.  She’s the person who can make you laugh until you cry and turn bad days into good ones like no one else can.

You get to give her sisterly advice about everything

As the older sister, you get to watch your little sister go through a lot of things you went through growing up. After making it through elementary school, middle school, high school, and getting into college, you have a lot of advice to give. You’re more than happy to let your sister in on everything she wouldn’t know already, and answer any and every question she has. 

She makes you proud

You don’t understand how you’re related to someone so talented. In everything your little sister does, you get a sense of sisterly pride. As the older sister, you love telling your friends all the great things your sister has done. It’s pretty rewarding to watch your little sister grow up and accomplish so many things that you never excepted she would.

She has become your best friend

You may have fought and kept to yourselves when you were younger, but those days are over now. You learn that your little sister often becomes your best friend and that you have way more in common then you thought. You tell each other everything now, text on the daily, and any fights you have are short lived. You have some of the most fun hanging out with your little sister and find out that being best friends with her sister is the best thing ever.

She’s the best person to go shopping with

If there is anyone to go to for fashion advice, it’s your little sister. Whenever you go shopping, you can count on her to tell you her honest opinion. You will also find out that you guys have basically the same taste in fashion. She can always pick out the cutest stuff for you, and you can always find the best stuff for her. Together you are an unstoppable shopping duo.

She won’t judge you for anything

When you’re around your little sister, you can be yourself and be as weird as you want to be. You can text her your random thoughts, and she will always respond and you can send her the ugliest selfies knowing that she will send an even uglier one right back. You can count on her to not judge you for anything, even your weirdest quirks and dance moves.

You miss her a lot

When you first moved out, you didn’t think that you would miss your little sister that much. But as it turns out, you end up missing her the most. You didn’t realize how much you loved being around her and spending time with her until you didn’t see her everyday. You always feel the need to text her or Instagram a picture with her to let her know you’re missing her a lot.

Reuniting is the best thing ever

After going a while without seeing your little sister, reuniting is the greatest feeling ever. All you want to do is run up to her and give her a giant hug. When your back together, its like nothing has changed and your relationship with her feels like it continues to grow closer.

The relationship you have with your little sister is truly unique. As you both grow older, you start to realize that you now have a forever friend in your life that will be there for you through thick and thin and will be laughing with you, and at you, along the way.

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