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How to Wear: Bows

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.


When I think spring styles, I think pale colors, sweet accents, and feminine pieces. So, in honor of spring, add some girly prep to your outfit with a bow. On a shirt, on suits, on jewelry, on shoes – you can easily find any piece of clothing you want with a bow on it this spring. But I have to admit, my personal favorite is the return of the “hair bow.”


Obviously hair bows have been around for a while – worn in some decades better than others. I mean, can we just appreciate the 90’s for a minute. I loved wearing my big pink, polka-dot bow with little ribbons curling out the middle right on top of my head. Pretty sure I had one for every occasion too – Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter, and even one to match my sunflower dress. But, as hard as it is to believe, we’ve moved onto better things ladies and gentlemen.


Bows can really be added to any hairstyle you want. Seriously, in a matter of seconds, you can take your “day 2 hair” from nah to yeah. That’s why I love them so much – they literally can add the extra touch to any outfit. So, I’m not going to give any concrete rules here. And if you’re hesitant, smaller is probably better. But try to find a way to fit one into your style! Here are some of my favorite quick and easy ways to wear the hair bow!

And for those feeling super creative, give this a shot! I found it on Pinterest and I’m definitely going to try it!


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Becca Bahrke is a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Madison majoring in Retailing and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Gender & Women Studies. Becca is currently the CC/EIC of Her Campus- Wisconsin, and will continue writing news. Becca's primary hobby is blogging on her tumblr http://beccahasnothingtowear.tumblr.com