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How to Survive Morning Football Games

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it past at least one game day — regardless of whether or not you made it to the actual game. Game day is arguably the best day of the week: you’re done with classes, you’re with your girls and everyone around you is ready to start the day off with unlimited booze. However, it is easier than you think to get caught up in the party atmosphere and wake up hours later wondering why you’re not in the stands with everyone else. Here are 13 simple things you can do to protect your title as the life of the party and make it to the game!


1. Hydrate

It’s cliche because everyone knows how important it is to drink water; but seriously … drink water. Try to drink a bottle of water before bed the night before game day, when you wake up in the morning AND while you drink. Alcohol reduces the amount of anti-diuretic hormones in your body. In other words, alcohol makes it harder for your body to absorb water, which dehydrates you by making you pee more often. So again, match a glass of water with every alcoholic drink.

2. Don’t mix alcohol  

Try your best to stick to one or two different types of alcohol. If you’re drinking vodka, beer, wine and some Four Loko, you should be prepared to spend your game day in the bathroom. You don’t have to agitate your stomach by consuming all different types of alcohol for a buzz.


Yes, it’s extremely important to eat before drinking, and it’s even better to eat carbohydrates. Foods like bagels, pizza or some avocado toast will really help fill you up and soak up some of the alcohol. Carbohydrates makes it easier to drink over time, which makes drinking responsibly just a little easier.

4. Moderation

Pacing yourself is key. Only you know your body and what it can handle, so don’t take six shots because your roommate is taking six shots. Wait a significant amount of time in between drinks to see how you’re feeling after each one.

5. Don’t drink from the bottle

If you think it’s a good idea to drink from the bottle, you’re probably drunk enough. It’s important to measure out your drinks so you know how much you’re putting into your body. You will be better at pacing yourself with proper measurements.

6. Plan ahead

There’s never anything wrong with thinking ahead of time. If you know how much you’ve eaten, you can better understand how much alcohol it’ll take for you to get to your desired state of drunkedness. Plan before you drink, and think about how much you want to consume.

7. Keep an eye out

Make sure you are watching your drinks at all times. If someone is making you a drink, you should know exactly what is being put into your cup. Most of the time, it’s better to bring your own stuff — that way, you know exactly what it is.

8. Good night sleep

Sleep is so important. Don’t pull an all-nighter before game day because fatigue and heavy drinking will make you want to go night night. If you lie down for “a couple minutes,” the game will be over by the end of your nap.

9. Stay away from police

Police are always on the lookout during game days. Avoid looking intoxicated around cops because it can draw attention to you and the people you’re with.

10. Be with people you trust

Staying with your girls is a major key — it can be so easy to get lost when you’re alone and under the influence. Plus, they can help lead you to the stadium!

11. Dress appropriately

No, I’m not talking about booty shorts and crop tops; I’m talking about jackets and reasonable shoes. You’re going to be standing, walking, dancing and cheering for hours. Make sure you are comfortable and dressed for the weather. You don’t want to be the one to make your friends leave because you’re too cold!

12. Be responsible

If you’re reading this, you’re already being responsible! Know your limits! You’re an adult, and you are in control of your actions. Make smart decisions, and think ahead of time. College is an awesome time to have fun and maybe even go a little nuts, but don’t ruin it by overdoing it!   

13. Nap

Early morning games are the worst, yet everyone will still go out at night to celebrate the big win (hopefully). After a morning of drinking, it’s wise to use the “dead” time in between the game and your night out to catch some z’s and sober up a bit. You’ll be ready to rally for the rest of the night then!


Hopefully, these tips will help you through the next game day… good luck, collegiates! 

Gabby Schwartz

Wisconsin '21

Sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
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