How to Stay Warm for Winter Football Games

Ah, football season. The time for warm Saturday mornings, tailgates, cute outfits, and standing in the sun all day, impatiently waiting for the start of Jump Around. Every game can’t be sunny and warm, though, and sure enough, November 21st will be a cold weather game at Camp Randall. With the weather pattern this year, it might be 70 and sunny, but it might also be 30 and snowing. Here are some tips to stay warm for the whole game, even after your alcohol blanket has worn off.

1. Don’t overestimate the temperature

Yes, it’s easy during the early football games to expect it to feel a whole lot warmer inside the stadium than the actual temperature outside, but don’t expect this effect for this game. 30 degrees is pretty cold regardless if the sun is beating on you or not. If the temperature is going to be below 45 degrees, expect to get pretty chilly standing outside for three hours straight.

2. Don’t rely on your alcohol blanket

Sure, it might feel pretty good in the beginning after all your tailgates. All the alcohol is making you pretty warm, and you’re feeling good. You’ve even thought about taking off a layer or two because you’re just soooo warm. Don’t. Sooner than later the alcohol blanket will wear off, and you will be hating yourself for “feeling” so warm only an hour before. 

3. Layers on layers on layers on layers

Too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Layers are always a good idea, mostly because they are what is going to keep you the warmest. Don’t worry about looking chunky either, everyone else is going to be in the same boat. Also, if you layer too much, you can always take them off at the game. After all, it’s a lot easier to shed layers than it is to add layers while you’re standing in the student section.

4. Think about your shoes

I made this mistake last year: yes, boots are clunky, but no; tennis shoes with socks will NOT keep your feet warm. Just because boots are clunky and heavy, do not skip wearing them when it is cold outside and you plan on standing outside for at least two hours. Your converse might look super cute, and I’m sure your fuzzy socks will keep your feet kind of warm, but trust me when I say this: do NOT wear tennis shoes. Your feet will get cold within the first 30 minutes of the game and once your feet get cold, there’s no going back. You will be miserable for the rest of the game and eventually your feet will get so cold that they will start tingling, making Jump Around almost impossible.

5. Keep your head and ears warm

Much of your body heat is lost through your head, and when it gets cold in the winter, wearing a hat is very strongly recommended. But who wants hat hair? You might have to sacrifice your ‘do for this game. Hats can be cute, along with headbands. As long as your ears are warm, the rest of your body will feel significantly warmer. Plus, this could also be an excuse to finally buy that red ‘Wisconsin’ headband for the bookstore that everyone wears. I know you’ve been eyeing it up as soon as the temperatures dipped below 50 degrees.

6. Don’t be THAT fan.

You know which one I’m talking about, the one that everyone sees shirtless at freezing cold games. Everyone is going to be shaking your head at you, save yourself the embarrassment.

While cold weather is never really anyone’s favorite weather, it doesn’t have to make you miserable. As long as you plan smart for the cold weather games, it’ll be just as fun, or maybe even better than the early fall games! Just think of all the coffee and hot chocolate you’ll be able to consume before, during, and after the game!