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How my Stay at Home Spring Break Turned Into A Ten Day Road Trip

You know those TTI, The Time I, stories that used to play on Disney Channel? Well, this is my audition. 

Flashback to 2020. I have two dogs, Azteca and Mayan, both bulldog breeds. Both experience the stigma that follows these breeds. The neighbor’s dog makes their way over into our yard and the dogs get territorial causing a fight to break out. Long story short, my family's insurance company wouldn’t let us keep our dogs so we needed to have them live with family members for the time being. 

The family we had rehomed our beloved Azteca to couldn’t handle her in old age. Her allergies were acting up and she was having more accidents as older dogs do. The family we thought would love her as their own began to threaten to take her to a pound if we didn’t come to get her that day. At this point, it was a random Tuesday night and there was no warning whatsoever. There was no way we could let her go to the pound but our insurance still wouldn’t cover her so we couldn’t take her back. This left us in a predicament. My mom began to scramble looking for anywhere our sweet girl could go. She made Facebook posts and calls to just about everyone we know. She gets a response from her aunt, my grandmother’s sister. Our problems are solved! She has a new home. What’s the problem you may ask, well, she lives about 1,500 miles away. 

We begin to research the costs of shipping her out to Vegas on a plane but the prices are astronomical and then my mom has an idea. The dates she was looking at to ship her line up exactly with my spring break and my birthday. She calls and informs me of the situation and pitches the idea of driving her out there and then spending my birthday in Las Vegas or wherever we end up by March 17th. We are going to stop in all of our favorite places along the way. Denver, Aspen, Salt Lake City, you name it and we might be stopping there. Who could say no to that?

So, in about an hour we planned a vacation, got my dog a safe and loving home and I got to spend my birthday in Vegas. I’d say I upgraded from a spring break at home doing nothing. I’ll have to write about my trip next so stay tuned to see how it goes!

Kylie Carriveau

Wisconsin '25

UW Madison '25 Studying Psychology
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