How My Sophomore Slump Could Become the Comeback of the Year

Like every college student, I’ve had a hard time adjusting to online classes and life during the current global pandemic. It was a sudden change that I wasn’t expecting to make and neither did anyone else. I spent some time being upset about not being on campus for nights on the terrace, getting to not wear a jacket to class, and for me, attending an international case-study competition in Georgia in April. After spending the majority of my spring break in shock, I soon realized that things happened for the better and at the end of the day, I was just a sophomore. I have four more semesters on campus where I’ll get the joy of enjoying Madison’s spring semester. That being said, I also realized that although my 2nd year on campus was cut short, I had learned a lot.

  1. 1. Take Time to Relax

    girl lounging relax 3

    I’m known to work myself to my limits. I tried this year to adopt a better routine of self-care and scheduling breaks that actually helped me as opposed to playing hours of the Kim K game. I was always hesitant to hangout with people when I had a lot on my plate, but for me at least and throughout the past two semesters, it actually helped me destress. 

  2. 2. Appreciate Your Support System

    This was key for me throughout this year. I am incredibly grateful for each person, whether it be a friend or family member, who constantly are motivating me throughout the year to keep going. During my fall semester, I was taking a 17 credit semester, was in two student orgs - one of which I was on the Exec Board for and was contacting professionals from all over the Madison area and trying to keep myself and the org organized -, had a job back home, and was trying to balance my social and personal life. Life was busy and stressful. I can’t stress the importance of a solid support system, especially during college. I learned that I actually had and continue to have one of the strongest groups of supporters and friends who have rallied me to the end of this race. 

  3. 3. Get to the Cafe Early 

    Amelia Kramer-Coffee Shop Glasses Book Latte

    This is a big one for the business school kids. You better believe that the best tables in Grainger are the ones with outlets. That being said, the Grainger Lunch Rush is real so if you actually want to have lunch, space out your classes to get some food from the cafe or pack one. Save yourself the trouble and get there early. 

  4. 4. Remember to Capture The Moments - good and bad

    The Lalapolaroid Camera Pink Bag

    I think we’re all under the perception that we only have to remember all the good times in our lives and create a social media presence that only shows that. I’ve gotten a lot better at capturing, even if it’s just a Snapchat saved memory, the bad in life too. Bad grade on an exam? Click. Fractured finger at a community service event? Click. And yes, I can definitely cross that one off my list. Life isn’t a linear progression. Being able to look at this year through pictures and videos has really allowed me to see the growth I’ve had as a person and it’s something I’ll be able to carry with me throughout the rest of my life. 

It can all feel like the abrupt end changed everything for all of us. Yes, it’s been difficult to stay focused and yes, I miss my friends. It’s times like these however, that have caused me to reflect on this past year. I couldn’t be more grateful for the curveball my sophomore year of college threw at me. Two more years to go and I’m sure I’ll be reflecting on my senior year before I know it. Now the big question I’ve carried this year is: Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year? I think we can say that at least to some extent, this is being set up for a comeback.