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How To: Look Good Without Trying

Madison is a big city, right? Think again. It just so happens that every time I walk to class, or go get a bite to eat, I run into that ONE person I’d rather die before seeing. Yes you know who I am talking about, that ex-cheating-boyfriend, ex-douchey-hookup….ex-anything really. You obviously want to look hot running into this guy, but you do not want to look like you are trying too hard, or have your “going out” look every time you step out of the door. To avoid this, and make your ex want you back (even though you’ll deny this because you can do better than that), here is a step-by-step guide on how to look good without trying. You’ll be effortlessly fabulous.

Step one: Wash Face

Regardless if you need a shower that day, wash your face. A clean wash of the face gets rid of your makeup from the night/day before and leaves with a fresh look. You do not want to run into your guy with yesterdays make up on (see How To: Treat Your Skin Right). One word: trashy.

Step two: Brush Hair and apply product

Brushing your hair is a must. You do not want someone to mistake your hair for a bird’s nest. Applying Moroccan oil and volumizing spray will give your hair that shiny glow and a little lift. It is fast and easy to apply these products and it will allow you to keep your hair down. Putting your hair in a high or low ponytail is also a great effortless look.

Step three: Brush your teeth

Just in case you are in speaking distance, you want that fresh minty breath. Even if you are not in speaking distance, brushing your teeth is a must! Once he notices your pearly white smile from across the street, he will be wishing to get with you again.

Step four: Makeup

Go all NATURAL! Guys think natural is hot. Here’s what I mean by natural. Put some foundation on, it covers up those unwanted, red pimples. Next apply some bronzer on your check bones for that sun kissed glow. Put massacre on your eyelashes to make your eyes pop. Finally, apply your favorite lip stick or gloss to leave him staring at your gorgeous lips.

Step five: choose an outfit

This may be the hardest step. Don’t overdue it and put on a dress with heels. Walking around Madison and going to homecoming are two different things. At the same time however, do not wear baggy sweatpants and your dads oversized crewneck. Personally, I wouldn’t even go with yoga pants. All he would do is look at your butt and not even pay attention to you, not a good choice. For bottoms, cute dark wash skinny jeans would be the way to go. Shoes, I would go with cute flip-flops or flats depending on the season. A cute solid top or blouse with a colorful statement necklace will give you that effortless look every girl wants. Another great top is a cute sweater with a leather jacket over it and a scarf with neat design. Both options would be great depending on the season.

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