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“This Is My Invariable Advice To People: Learn How To Cook– Try New Recipes, Learn From Your Mistakes, Be Fearless, And Above All, Have Fun.” -Julia Child

I love to cook and bake. Living in a studio apartment, I quickly learned how to utilize all of the space in my kitchen. I found that organizing your kitchen to match your cooking habits is key, so here is some advice that helped me customize my own kitchen space.

Make use of your wall space! I bought this pegboard set and these hooks from Amazon. IKEA also sells pegboards and a bunch of cool accessories. If you’re renting your apartment or home, save your security deposit and use heavy-duty command strips instead of nailing anything into the wall. I also love using command hooks. They’re especially nice for hanging up hand towels.

Use the space on top of your cupboards to hold appliances. This will free up your counter space. Before doing so, vacuum and wipe down all of the surfaces so your appliances don’t get dirty. Additionally, invest in a folding step stool for easy access.

If you’re short on cupboard and counter space, consider a rolling shelf. This is where I store the things I use daily, such as cooking oil, for quick access. I also love putting shelves inside cupboards and my refrigerator. These can be nice for organizing anything.

If you’re moving to a new place in August, I hope that this article inspired you to make your new kitchen the best it can be. Happy cooking!

Justice Moore

Wisconsin '23

Hello there! My name is Justice. I am a second-year student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I'm majoring in English and Legal Studies with certifications in Criminal Justice and Gender and Women's Studies. In my free time, I enjoy baking and taking walks outside.