How to Have the Perfect Friendsgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what’s a better way to show how thankful you are for your friends than by having a Friendsgiving get-together!  Friendsgivings are typically held the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or the Friday after Thanksgiving, but there are exceptions to this. Grab your pen and pencil and get ready to have the best Friendsgiving yet.


Gather Your Best Pals

You can’t have Friendsgiving without some of your closest friends. Whether it be friends from high school or friends from college, you can’t go wrong. Spend it with people you really care about and wouldn’t mind sharing a few laughs and stories with.


Decide Where You’re Having It

This usually becomes the biggest issue. If you’re headed back home for Thanksgiving and having Friendsgiving with friends from high school, it shouldn’t be difficult to decide a house to host. However, if your group of friends is from all over, make sure that you can get proper accommodations and have enough space for the evening if you’re traveling for this Friendsgiving.


Who’s Bringing What Dish?

It’s probably best to make sure the “not-so-strong chefs” in your friend group aren’t making the main entree. Split up the work and make it a potluck so each friend brings a dish. Make sure you get in touch about who’s bringing what so you don’t end up with five pounds of mashed potatoes and no dessert. For a friend group of four, I recommend having someone make the main entree (which doesn’t necessarily have to be a turkey), two people bringing side dishes and one person bringing dessert. However, you could change the game by having all of you spend the afternoon together cooking and baking for your dinner.


Decorate for an Insta-Worthy Picture

What’s Friendsgiving without having a picture to flaunt your Insta-worthy night? You can get decor from places like Target to spice up the dinner table and create a space for pictures. Decorating your home in neutral fall colors like tan, yellows and orange can help the decor for your night. If you really want to go a step farther, coordinate outfit colors with your friends prior to having dinner together.


Worst Comes to Worst... Just Go Out for Dinner

If for whatever reason cooking isn’t your forte, just go out for dinner. It isn’t the end of the world — and plus, you won’t have to worry about clean up after! In fact, you can probably indulge in more time together afterward. Just be prepared to spend a few dollars.


Get Off Your Phone for the Night, and Just Enjoy Being Together

Chances are, like me, your friends attend different universities all over the country. Friendsgiving is probably the first time your friend group will be reunited since you all left for college, so it’s important to make your time together count. You probably won’t be back together until winter break, so it’ll be a few more weeks until you get to spend time together again. Make the most out of your break and don’t be glued to your phone. A few pictures here and there is good but lay off scrolling down Facebook and Twitter.


Share your stories from school, hug it out and — most importantly — enjoy some wonderful food with people you care about the most. Happy (almost) Friendsgiving from HerCampus!