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How to Embrace Everything “Basic” in the Fall

Fall is totally here — cooler weather and all. In case you were unprepared for its arrival, here are eight ideas on how to be basic this fall:


1. Pumpkin Spice Everything

Level of basicness: 10

From coffee to candles, there is no shortage of pumpkin spice. Pretty much anything that you could ever want — and even stuff you didn’t know that you wanted — will come in a pumpkin spice version. Every basic betch knows that the only way to do homework in the fall is while sipping a pumpkin spice latte with a pumpkin spice candle lit nearby.


2. Sweaters

Level of basicness: 7.25

Sweater weather is the best kind of weather. Now that you have your pumpkin spice latte in hand, it’s time to head out and find the perfect sweaters for fall. Anything oversized and comfy is ideal for basic betches. If you really want to step up your basic betch look, grab a cute scarf and throw your hair in a messy bun.


3. Fall Photo Shoots

Level of basicness: 9.5

Grabbing some colorful leaves is always an easy way to “fall-ify” your feed, so don’t be afraid to spend some time just tossing leaves around and posing. If there isn’t a picture, did it even happen? Make sure to document all your basic betch fall activities, such as going to the pumpkin patch, hiking through the woods and playing with the changing leaves. Don’t forget to wear the perfect fall outfit whenever you go out because you never know when you may end up in an Instagram-worthy situation. A flannel tied around your waist is always a good bet.


4. Halloween Costumes

Level of basicness: 8

Level of basicness (group costume): 10

As if you will be able to forget about this adorable costume idea for a trio of basic betches. If you don’t want to end up like Cady Heron, open up your Pinterest and look through all the best costume ideas for Halloween — it’s essential to have the perfect basic betch costume. As I always say, “no decision should ever be made without thoroughly consulting Pinterest.” Never forget to coordinate with your squad; group costumes are totally in.


5. Pumpkins

Level of basicness: 7.5  


These pumpkins defines the level of basic every basic betch wishes they could achieve. In case you forgot, pumpkin patches serve another purpose other than being a backdrop for photo shoots … they actually grow pumpkins. Pumpkins are essential to so many basic betch fall activities, such as carving, decorations and ingredients for your favorite fall delicacies. Every basic betch knows that having an abundance of pumpkins is a necessity for getting through the fall season. Bonus: there will be a ton more opportunities for “Insta-worthy” moments while you are carving your pumpkins or making pies.


6. Halloween Movies

Level of basicness: 6.25

Disney Channel original movies are the go-to choice for any basic betch. Grab another pumpkin spice latte or brew up a cup of apple cider before curling up with your girls for a marathon of some of the iconic movies. Hocus Pocus and HalloweenTown are good choices.


7.  Boots

Level of basicness: 6

I seriously cannot get over these basic betches’ outfits. Fall is when all your favorite boots come out from hiding. Basic betches know that Hunter rain boots and leather riding boots are the best staples for any outfit. They also look super cute when paired with an oversized sweater.


8. Apples

Level of basicness: 8.75

You will be the envy of all other basic betches for your adorably creative pic that doesn’t involve pumpkins. Don’t let your love of all things pumpkin spice outshine another fall staple item: apples. Apple cider, apple picking, apple pie, basic betches have definitely been sleeping on apples for the last couple years. Take your squad out apple-picking, and you’ll have yet another chance to perfect your Insta feed.   


Now that you have learned all about how to be a basic betch this fall, your level of basicness will be off the charts. Grab a #PSL and have an amazing fall filled with lots of Insta-worthy moments and cozy sweaters.

Ali is a freshmen at UW Madison majoring in Fashion Design and International Studies trying to pursue her dreams of one day owning her own company. 
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