How to Cope with Swimsuit Shopping as Told By Grey's Anatomy

With spring in the air, every store is releasing their latest swim line. As sweet as imagining hot days relaxing pool-side, the reality we all must face is the blinding white light of dressing room mirrors and the decision-making process of each bikini brand’s different sizing.

Here are a few tips to get you through the struggle, as told by our favorite cast members of Grey’s Anatomy. 

Facing Your Winter Bod Reality

Let’s face it: over the cold winter months we may have helped ourselves to one too many comfort foods. But that’s no reason to hate our bodies. No one looks good in the light that washes out your already post-Wisconsin-winter skin tone or accentuates any ounce of cellulite and dimple. Be loving toward your body and gently remind yourself that even the girls you stalk on Instagram feel this way while trying on suits.

Bring Your Girl(s)

There’s nothing like a little moral support from your best friend who knows exactly how you feel and what to say when you feel it. She sees the best in you and can get you to smile through anything. But she also knows when to be honest with you, and that’s okay, too.

Wearing the Proper Panties

The plastic liners in suit bottoms are there for a reason people! PLEASE don’t go commando when trying those super cheeky bottoms on. It’s just plain gross.

Grab Multiple Sizes

Sizes can be so misleading and are different at every store. Grab the size you think is the best fit and then either the next one up or down. It’ll save you trips and giving yourself this look in the mirror.

Be Courageous

Sometimes you just have to go for it! Try on the trendy, strappy top that you may or may not know how to get on or even the one piece that flashes a little side boob! The only person you have to impress is yourself.

Ignore the Negativity

Don’t let your ex-boy/girlfriend, “friend,” or media’s perceptions of beauty come back to haunt you. You are worthy of feeling good about yourself always and the only expectations you have to meet are your own. With that being said, be kind to your body.

Shop with Caution

Go in with a budget and check the tags before falling in love with that incredibly pricey suit that is begging you to buy it! Don’t reach the point of asking yourself, “how can something with such little fabric be so expensive?”

Swimsuit shopping can be challenging at times, but remember to have fun and love your body!