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Homecoming Styles

Well Badger fans, another successful homecoming has come and gone, and on this year’s game-day we saw some spirit-wear styles that earned almost as many points as the football team. You can always expect Badger fans to go all out to cheer on our team, but for homecoming they really brought their A game. Take a look at the top styles from Wisconsin’s HOCO 2014.   

Cute and Comfy

A red and black flannel is the perfect way to add a little Midwest charm to your game-day spirit apparel. Pair it with a Bucky t-shirt underneath and you’ll have all the red and white you need while still looking cute. 

Keeping it Classic


Bibs are basically a staple item for every Badger football fan, and what better time to wear this game-day classic than on homecoming. This tried-and-true fan-wear can also be very effective if you’ve lost one too many games of beer pong and have trouble sticking with your friends. Just connect your bibs together like so: 

Glam it Up

Every girl needs her accessories, and the homecoming football game was no exception. A cute hat and well-placed tattoos are always the way to go, and, of course, no Badger game is complete without some red lipstick. If only Melvin Gordon could see that pin from all the way down on the field…

When it comes to dressing up for football game-days, Badger fans never disappoint. And here at Her Campus Wisconsin, we have two important fashion rules: on Wednesdays we wear pink, and on Saturdays we wear red. 

On Wisconsin and Happy Homecoming!


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