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Her Campus Embarrassing Hookup Stories

Embarrassing hookups. Don’t lie; we know you’ve had them. Don’t worry though, we all have, and you’re not alone. We have all had our fair share of embarrassing hookup stories that make us feel like hiding under a rock for the next decade. These stories contribute to our lives as a series of awkward events.  Hopefully we can eventually laugh at these uncomfortable situations we get ourselves into. For your entertainment, and to our embarrassment, here are 10 embarrassing Her Campus-Wisconsin hookup stories:

1. I hooked with a guy in the den on the floor of my freshmen dorm! I had no pants on, and I was scared the whole time someone was going to walk in on us!

2. I made out with a guy the same day he got mouth surgery, and his face was all swollen….

3. I met a guy on Tinder, and he showed up at my apartment the same day—as a “surprise.” Later that night we hooked up but couldn’t find the condom the next day. Two days later… I found it inside of me.  

4. Once, I was making out with a boy and got a bloody nose.

5. I used to hook up with my high school boyfriend in the parking lot behind the Subway in my hometown.

6. A boy had diarrhea in my apartment after we hooked up.
7. I had a bruised lip after making out with a boy.

8. A boy tried to hit on me and then threw up on me after I rejected him.  

9. I burped in a guy’s mouth once when we were making out.

10. I hooked up with this guy and afterwards, I threw up in his kitchen when I was leaving.  Also, the panties that I wore that night didn’t make it home with me. Yikes! 

We are all going to crawl into a hole now and forget that these embarrassing hookups ever happened to us.  Here’s to some much needed luck in our next hookup endeavors! 

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