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HC’s Kate Allen Abroad: Lessons Learned


  1. Election time-everyone wants to know who you are voting/did vote for and it better be the Democrat or else, “Ohhh, Romney, you are a REPUBLICAN?!” followed by (silent judgement). I was taken aback when about the first fifty times someone asked me who I was voting for or voted for. Do you feel it is appropriate or inappropriate to ask an acquaintance or even outright stranger who they are voting for President? In the States it is generally not a topic most people go out straightforwardly and ask unless extremely comfortable with each other. It is also interesting to hear the view points of non-Americans give their opinions on US politics, especially when they try to fathom the Republican party or even better the Tea Party.


  1. Keyboard Cover for your laptop and back EVERYTHING up. Recently, I gracefully split water all over my keyboard and fried my hard drive (why it has been so long since a blog post). Here is what I should I have done and what you should do if this happens to you:
    1. Turn it over to try to pour out as much water as possible. 
    2. Turn the computer off immediately.
    3. Prop it upside down or at least open to let the water dry for several days without trying to turn on the computer. Any electrical current to a wet motherboard will cause it to fry.
    4. Or simply have a keyboard cover on your keyboard to prevent any food or liquid from getting into your computer.
    5. There are plenty of websites to store your information online: iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox to name a few.


  1. CHRISTMAS = JUL: In the beginning of October Christmas items are out for sale and around mid-November all the street decorations and Christmas markets start to open. Next week, I am out to the various markets to find some Jul-goodies for home. 
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