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Guys Take on Pumpkin Spice

Being sold only once a year, the fall season brings the staple in every girl’s Starbucks’ drink order: pumpkin spice. Whether it be a latte or even a bar, pumpkin spice is just about every girl’s favorite thing to eat, drink, and take a picture with. While we all know it’s a crowd favorite among the ladies, what do the fellas think of the infamous pumpkin spice? Well, I asked some guys to give me their opinion on this fall favorite. Here’s what they had to say.
Many of the gentlemen I spoke to were very into pumpkin spice. I got several responses like, “I like it!” or “It’s my favorite flavor, because it reminds me of fall. I look forward to it every year!” Most embraced the Tumblr-like image that came with drinking a pumpkin spice latte or buying a pumpkin spice candle. For these gentlemen, it was all about the flavor and the artsy style is just an added bonus.
Some fellas were not as big of fans of pumpkin spice. One said, “It’s all spice no pumpkin.” While most admit that they do in fact enjoy the taste of pumpkin spice, they insist it’s nothing special. “Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had it. I believe I had it in a latte once and it wasn’t bad…I wouldn’t order it specifically though.”
Critics of pumpkin spice asked, “If people love it so much, why don’t they sell it all year?” Several advocates of pumpkin spice supported the idea of selling this wonderful drink once a year. To make it simpler for me to understand, this particular male thought it would be helpful to compare pumpkin spice to the McRib that is sold at your local McDonald’s. He explained, “I like it, but I wouldn’t get it if it was sold year round. It’s like the McRib. When it was sold year round, the sales were really bad. When it was sold for a certain amount of time, the sales were better.”
As a famous feature of Instagram posts during the fall season, pumpkin spice has created a lot of talk even among the male population. While some heavily support the flavor and its aesthetic, others are heavy critics of this autumn classic. Whether or not us ladies agree with everything the fellas are saying, the bottom line is that this flavor certainly spices up the fall season.

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