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Guys Take On: Girls Night Out

For us girls, there’s no better time than taking the time to get dolled up, getting sufficiently wine wasted, cranking up the Beyoncé, and going out with our best friends! But what do guys think of our partying habits? I chatted up sophomores Mike, Sid, and Dan to finally get some answers.


How Long We Take To Get Ready

MJ: Twenty minutes for makeup, half an hour for hair, at least forty-five minutes to change outfits ten times…and then we have to fix everything again before we leave. No wonder we’re always late. Thoughts?

Mike: It’s annoying when they know that it takes them forever to get ready, but are somehow thirty minutes late anyways. It doesn’t make any sense!

Sid: As long as I’m not waiting on them and they look good, I’m a happy man.

Dan: I could wait a little bit longer for you if it was opposite day. You looked exactly the same 45 minutes ago. Your mascara really brought out your eyes that much more…


Fancy Dresses

MJ: We always have to be dressed to impressed when we go out. Do guys like this, or do they think it’s ridiculous that we wear dresses and heels to hang out with the same old people?

Mike: Never really thought about it…it’s just what they do I guess! Guys don’t really understand anything about the clothes that girls wear or how badly heels hurt.

Sid: I personally am a fan. Every guy loves a good sundress, and if I’m gonna take a girl home, I want her to look good on Instagram when I show her off.

Dan: It doesn’t hurt. I’m not complaining.


Intense Makeup

MJ: When we go out, we get pretty done up—lipstick, eyeliner, the works. Is this appreciated, or is a natural look preferred?

Mike: I prefer the least amount of makeup possible. Having a face covered in makeup seems very fake to me. It’s a real turnoff.

Sid: Natural look preferred. I can’t do a lot of makeup…it’s lying.

Dan: A little makeup doesn’t hurt, but if I wanted to see a cake I’d go to a bakery. You’ve gotta find a happy medium. It really depends.


Our Music Choices


MJ: What do you guys think of girls’ music preferences when going out? Beyoncé, T-Swift, throwbacks, etc.

Mike: I’ll have my playlist going, and then what do you know? Some drunk girl pushes me to the side and plays All Night Longer for like the fifth f***ing time that night.

Sid: Throwbacks rock. Anyone who says they don’t like Taylor Swift is a liar. And Beyoncé’s effect on women scares me.

Dan: They all kind of scream, “I’m basic”. I wish I could be Jay-Z so Beyoncé was my wife, but Taylor Swift is a definite no, and a lot of throwbacks are just the same.


Our Drink Choices

MJ: What about girls’ drink choices? Franzia, mixed drinks, pre-chasing and chasing, the refusal to drink beer, etc.

Mike: As soon as girls find out there are Jell-O shots at a party, they literally lose their minds. As soon as one girl wants a Jell-O shot, EVERY girl does. That’s how you make money.

Sid: Wine is always a good choice. Mixers often end in a white-girl-wasted night. Pre-chase makes me angry, but post-chase is okay if you aren’t drunk yet. And a girl that doesn’t drink beer shouldn’t go to UW Madison.

Dan: You’ll never find me at the KK with a pink drink in my hand, but it’s all personal preference. As long as it gets the job done.


Incessant Photo-Taking/Post-GNO Instagrams


MJ: If you didn’t Instagram and prof pic it, did the night really happen? Girls love to take tons of pictures throughout the night and post them on social media afterward. Your opinions on this?

Mike: It’s kind of annoying. It’s like they always have to take pictures of a moment instead of actually just living in the moment. Seems weird.

Sid: Honestly, at points it seems like overkill. But every guy likes to see girls all dressed up and pretty.

Dan: I’m not your f***ing photographer.



MJ: Lastly, do we look like idiots for throwing it down to Beyoncé, or are you all for a little dancing here and there?

Mike: Hell, I’m just trying to have a good time myself. If you’re down to do the same, and you just feel like dancing, go right ahead!

Sid: I think it’s cute. Although some girls just shouldn’t dance, and some should dance more!

Dan: I’m all for a little couch dancing when Ignition comes on. But sorry, you will never get down like Beyoncé does.


Whatever the guys say, girls’ night out continues to be the highlight of our week. If only boys knew what we thought of their need to shotgun a beer every other moment of the night, or their odd obsessions with obscure rap groups. Until then, let’s continue to try and perfect our Bey moves. One day we’ll show them…


Meredith is a senior completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Communication Arts and Gender & Women's Studies with a certificate in Digital Studies. She moonlights as a freelance portrait photographer, and you can find her work at meredithmariephotography.com.
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