The Great L&S Email Storm of 2015 As Told By Michael Scott

Anyone in the College of Letters and Science experienced the meltdown of a large group of people due to a severe lack of maturity and awareness of how not to press "Reply All." On Tuesday night everyone subscribed to this list began getting an influx of emails from other students replying to the email thread. 

It all started with a simple call for attention by someone in the email thread for a day trip to Milwaukee offered to students in the College of Letters and Science. Someone pressed "reply all" to the email we all received and quickly ignited a series of nasty emails between students. 


At first, it was mildly entertaining. 

Then, it got annoying. 

And unsettlingly ugly as people sent long personal attack messages. 

Everyone wanted to stop getting the messages. 

But some people felt the need to press "reply all" while pleading to be removed from the email list. 

And everyone else had to deal with over 500 emails flooding into their inboxes.

All the buzz on Wednesday morning between L&S kids was how annoying it was to delete all of these messages. Everyone was wondering the same thing: is it really over? To everyone who is not in L&S, be thankful you didn't have to deal with this. 

Also, on behalf of the L&S email list, thank you to everyone who did not participate in this event!