Freshman's First: Surviving Without Your College Friends Over Break

Finals are over, winter break is here, and that means going home for the holidays.  While it’s refreshing to have a long break from schoolwork, and exciting to spend time with friends and family from home, we still find ourselves missing our new friends from college.  From a freshman’s perspective, here’s a timeline of the emotions we’re experiencing as our friend group parts ways for the next month.

At first, everyone in the group message texts about how they are psyched to go home.

Then, your roomie goes home and you realize that you have to live alone for 3 days without her.

All your friends have gone home, and you still have that dreaded 7:45am final on December 23rd.  All you want in life is to be sitting on the couch at home with your dog while Facetiming your besties.

You’re finally at home, and sending snaps to your friends becomes one of your main pastimes.

About two days into winter break, you realize that you miss your friends.  A LOT.

So you start looking through old pictures from the semester.

You start counting down the days until your reunion.

The first group Skype sesh occurs, and it’s the highlight of your day.

The initial sadness of friend separation is over, and you realize that the moment your crew steps back on campus, you’ll be just as inseparable as ever!