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Foreign in Florence: Badgers in Florence and a Quick Stop in Rome


After returning from a weekend of partying in Ibiza, we had a little more than twenty-four hours to prepare for our long awaited Badger visitors, Jessi and Danielle, who are studying in Seville this semester. In an attempt to cram all of our Florence favorites into three days, we were in total tourist mode. No visit to Florence would be complete without a trip to Piazzale Michelangelo for the picturesque view, a stroll down the Ponte Vecchio, hours of shopping in the San Lorenzo market, an indecisive trip to Massimo for a leather jacket and lots of gelato. We ended Jessi and Danielle’s visit with a night at our favorite restaurant, Il Profeta, where we sampled their famous ‘John Travolta’ pasta and played with the owners’ puppy before leaving.

On Friday, my friend Lindsay and I took a quick day trip to Rome. Although I visited Rome for three days when my brother studied abroad, I knew I had to make it back this time around, so we tried to cram some of the most important sites into one day. Since I had already visited the Sistine Chapel my first time in Rome, our first stop of the day was the Roman Ruins. Lucky for us, the weather was absolutely beautiful, so we had a perfect morning touring the ruins. The ruins date back to B.C. times, with buildings spanning centuries. Although my heart will always be in Florence, the Roman Ruins may be one of the most amazing sites in Europe, as you can literally walk through the remainders of streets and buildings that are over 2,000 years old. After the ruins, we continued our historical tour and headed to the Coliseum. No explanation needed on this one. The picture speaks for itself! 

When I visited Rome with my family in 2008, my favorite site was the Trevi Fountain, and this time, its beauty amazed me again. Of course, we made wishes and snapped a quick Lizzie McGuire inspired picture as we tossed coins into the fountain. Our last stop was the Spanish Steps, and after a long day in the sun, we were happy to return to Florence. Although I was in awe by Rome’s historical richness, each time I visit a new city, I am so thankful I chose to study in Florence.


This weekend, we will head to Munich for our last real hurrah (and Brittany’s 21st birthday!!). I’ll close on that note because although this semester is quickly coming to an end, it’s a little too soon to start saying our goodbyes.

            Ciao a tutti!

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