Diary of a Badger Gameday

Badger gamedays are nothing short of legendary- they are nonstop energy and fun as we all cheer on our favorite players. But, not everyone understands just HOW MUCH goes into planning a perfect gameday. After a few years, you get the routine down on lock. No matter what time the games starts, you can count on Badgers to pregame, fill the stadium and make the most of the day. This weekend game is at 3pm, prime time for optimal tailgating! Here is the rundown of what goes into a Badger gameday.


The Week Before: Get the Scoop

In the week before the game, you’ll want to get the lowdown on where and when all the best tailgates will be happening. Whether you’ll be going to Badger Bash outside Union South, a lawn tailgate at a friend’s house, hitting up Langdon to see your friends from Greek Life, or hitting the bars, you’ll want to know what’s up. Now, this isn’t to say you need to commit to one place or another, but it never hurts to know allllll your options.


Friday: Set Up Your Itinerary

The day before the game is the perfect time to get a rough outline of your itinerary. Who are you going to be going with? Where are you meeting? What are the places you know you want to make an appearance at? These are all important questions to ask before gameday begins.


Saturday Morning: Get Hyped (and Ready)

On Saturday, you’ll want to wake up bright and early to get the day rolling. For an 11am game, this could mean getting up as early as 7 to make sure you have time to get ready before the festivities begin. Luckily, playing at 3 means we can sleep in a bit and get up around 9. Once you’ve crawled out of bed, hit play on your favorite playlist and start getting hyped! Make sure to also eat a good breakfast before getting the day going, you want to make sure you actually make it to the game.


Saturday, 11AM: The (Pre) Pregame

For a 3 o’clock game, you’ll want to arrive at your first tailgate around 11. Usually, it’s best to start your day off with a more low-key tailgate. This lets you chill for a bit and gives you more options for what you want to do later. You can stay in one place for as much or as little time as you’d like. 


Saturday, 12:30PM: The True Tailgate

By 12:30, you’ll want to be settled in at a more hype tailgate. These have louder music, more people and some fun games! You can bounce from place to place or settle in at your fav spot. This time is up to you to pick whatever you and your friends think will be the most fun! Remember to be flexible and open to jumping around a bit (pun intended)


Saturday, 2:45-3: Get Ready for Gametime

Around this time in the afternoon, you’ll want to start heading to the stadium to get your seats. Now, if you’re truly enjoying your tailgate, you can always stick around and show up late to the game. Just make sure to get there fast enough to get a seat in your fav portion of the student section!


Saturday Evening: Comfort Food

After a long day of tailgating and football, make sure to stop and grab some food. This can be anything from burgers, to Ians, to Noodles, or anything else you’re craving. Just make sure to get some calories in you to counteract all the day’s activities. 


Saturday Evening: Postgame Nap

Arguably one of the most vital parts of gameday, the postgame nap is a must. There’s nothing better than changing out of your gameday outfit, throwing on some sweats and a sweatshirt, and crawling into bed for some sleep. Plus, this sets you up for the rest of your night and a productive Sunday


Saturday Night: Rally Time

Once Saturday night rolls around, it’s time to rally! Eat some more food and get ready to hit the town! Whether you’re headed to the bars or a house party, there are plenty of fun things to do on a Saturday. Hopefully, you can spend the night celebrating a Badger football victory!


Badger gamedays can be exhausting, to say the least. But, I don’t think any of us would have it any other way! Here’s to another few weekends of Badger football before we close out the season.