DDIY's: Don’t Do It Yourself

Here is a compiled list of the things that you may feel the impulse to do at home this winter season, but you should definitely get done at the salon. Speaking from personal experience, and having tried almost all of the following, I really advise you to put down the eyelash glue, needles and microwavable wax.


Here are five of the most “not-worth-it” self-care DIY's:


1. Any type of waxing


Waxing your eyebrows yourself is a risky game and the money you save by not going to the salon is used in the time you spend running back and forth to re-microwave your wax. At-home waxing is much more painful because it’s self-inflicting, and because it takes much longer. Those of us who are brave enough to try bikini waxing at home should instead channel that courage into literally anything else.


2. Stick-n-poke tattoos


The desire for stick-n-pokes is understandable when you’re in high school, but if you are of age and have $60 for the tiny heart you want on your ring finger, going to a tattoo place is definitely worth it. Time is money, and you’ll save at least a few hours of pain. Not to mention that most stick-n-pokes generally don’t look the best for the entirety of their journeys; from the beginning when they’re red and irritated, through a short honeymoon phase, to when they turn greenish blue and fade away.


3. Eyelash extensions


Whether it’s the individual lashes that take hours to glue onto your eyelids, eyelash-tint kits or any other eyelash product that claims “semi-permanence,” you’re much better off going to an eyelash bar if you want it done right or actually need lashes that last a few weeks. However, if you’re just looking for one-night lashes, applying falsies is the way to go.  


4. Piercings


Unless you want to pass out in your friend’s bathroom, I would advise you to get your cartilage pierced by a professional. Even piercing your lobes, which seems easy, usually turns out to be uneven. Getting your piercings done professionally also ensures that the jewelry you’re using is appropriate and safe.


5. Acrylic nails


If you’ve tried giving yourself acrylic nails at home, you might still have boxes of assorted fake nails somewhere that you’ll never use again. The supplies necessary for doing your own acrylic nails can get expensive and are only worth it if you continue to do them at home, which you probably won’t once you find how time-consuming it is.



BONUS WORTH-IT DIY: Cutting and dyeing your hair


The best thing about hair is that it grows back. Bangs are always a risk, even if you go to the salon, but if you just need a trim, there’s nothing to be worried about. Cutting my own hair saves me a lot of money, but if you don’t trust yourself, ask a brave friend to help you out. Unless you want something fancy, save your money and trim your own hair; the key is going slow and having a mirror to see the back!


While it definitely seems tempting, try to keep some of these in mind the next time you get that urge to pierce your own ears at home or clean up your brows. It might just be worth it in the long run to have someone who knows what they’re doing take care of it!