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Do you want to throw the best party of this season? If so, this guide will provide you ideas for DIY Halloween treats that all your guests will remember!

Some of the best parties I’ve gone to had food that matched the theme of the party. For this Halloween season, I think it would be fun to spice it up by incorporating snacks, desserts and drinks that match the spooky vibe, but also add a fun element to the party. Many of your guests will be fascinated by these quick and easy themed foods and drinks. Your party will be one for the books!

Appetizer idea:

The Puking Pumpkin

Even though this idea sounds disgusting, it’s actually kind of cute and fits the vibe of Halloween. All you need to do is take a baking tray and line it with foil. Then, spread out a good layer of tortilla chips on the tray. Next, cut open the top of your pumpkin and scoop out all the pumpkin guts. Then, carve the pumpkin out with a design of your choice. With a spoon, take some guacamole and start filling it through the top of the pumpkin, and then go on to fill the mouth. Spread this guacamole all the way out to cover the layer of chips in the tray. https://www.dontgobaconmyheart.co.uk/puking-pumpkin/

Dessert idea:

Mummy Pretzels

This is a very cute and simple idea, but it isn’t a full on dessert. All you need are the long pretzel sticks, which you will dip in white candy melts. Then, in a piping bag, add some of the melted white chocolate and drizzle it on the coated pretzel once the dipped chocolate part has hardened. To add a fun element, add some candy eyes and secure them on with a dot of candy melt. https://www.thepioneerwoman.com/food-cooking/recipes/a95053/mummy-pretzels/

Drink ideas:

Witch’s Brew Punch:

This drink is so easy to make. All you need is ginger ale, pineapple juice, lemon juice and lime sherbet (the recipe with exact measurements can be found in the link attached). This punch tastes really good, but what makes it a Witch’s Brew is the dry ice and the type of punch bowl you use. You have to get a punch bowl that resembles a cauldron, or just a black punch bowl can work. This will add to the spooky effect, especially when you add a few pellets of dry ice. This punch is for sure going to fascinate all of your guests! (https://www.sugarhero.com/witchs-brew-halloween-punch/)

Bloody Shirley Temples:

This drink is very fun to make and will for sure get all of your guests curious to try it out. All you need is to fill a cup with sprite over ice. Then, take a plastic syringe (you can order them on Amazon) and fill it up with grenadine. When it comes time to drink it, have your guests squirt the grenadine to add a fun flavor to the drink. 

I hope this guide provided you with ideas to lead you to incorporate themed foods and drinks to your party menu. The best part is that all of these ideas are quick and easy, but are sure to make your party stand out. For additional ideas, I usually look to Pinterest which never lets me down. Have fun planning your next memorable party!

Hareem Rauf

Wisconsin '25

I'm a sophomore at UW Madison studying Economics.