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Closet Staples for a UW-Madison Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

What you are more than likely to see a student at the University of Wisconsin wearing on a typical winter day

If you find yourself walking the streets of downtown Madison, there is no doubt that you’ll pick up on a few new winter wardrobe essentials. Students at the University of Wisconsin tend to stick to a few tried-and-true basics in order to maintain a solid winter style.

Flare pants

A simple yet stylish basic. Flare pants are easy to dress up and down and can go with practically any outfit. Flare pants are also a great piece to have because they can easily be styled in outfits for every season.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants are the best way to stay warm while elevating your outfit for going out or a night on the town. Since so many websites sell cargo pants, they can spice up your outfits while still being unique and comfy day in and day out.

Matching sweat sets

A sweatshirt paired with matching sweatpants is my absolute favorite way to look put together for class while still achieving total comfort. I am warm, not worried about adjusting my clothes and my outfit is coordinated. It’s nearly impossible to walk to class without getting inspiration for a new sweat set to buy since so many women on campus rock them every day.

Puffer jackets and vests

Puffer jackets and puffer vest (specifically black puffer jackets) are key to the everyday Wisconsin student look. They are warm, usually water resistant and they elevate an outfit so much. I always get a kick out of seeing everyone in their puffer and hoodie combos on the way to class, and I can’t think of a more midwest-esque staple.

Scarves and earmuffs galore

Obviously, you have to accessorize, and what better accessories to wear than ones that keep you warm. A fluffy earmuff and a cute knit scarf add a chic touch to an outfit on an extra chilly day, and Wisconsin students always know how to wear them so well.

Any combination of these Wisco girl uniform items will create a great outfit that is perfect for a midwest winter, and I am happy to say that I can easily get outfit inspiration just by stepping outside and seeing all of the cool and fresh outfits.

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