Campus Cutie: Nathan Breckenridge

Meet Nathan Breckenridge a computer geek with a heart of gold and a smile to match.

Name: Nathan Breckenridge 

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Information Systems with a certificate in Computer Sciences

Relationship Status: Single

Involvement on campus: Recruitment chair for Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Economic Students Association (ESA), and Intermural Soccer

Hobbies: Running around the lake, and enjoying wildlife.  Sitting on Bascom and looking at the glare on my computer screen.  Balling at the SERF, I’m actually really looking to join a ZUMBA class.  Just looking busy at college. 

Favorite hangover food: Bacon and my roommate Kevin’s chocolate chip pancakes.

Most embarrassing moment: I’m *flawless * Just kidding. We’ll go with my middle school talent show. I totally forgot the words to ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ so mid-song I handed the microphone to my friend and I think I just rocked my head and pretended to play the keyboards or something.

Favorite song: This ones tough.  I really like music, but Save Room by John Legend is a phenomenal song.

What are you looking for in a girl?:  Smarts are really attractive to me but more importantly someone that can handle me at my worst (if they can’t do that then they can’t handle me at my best)

Celebrity Crush: Mila Kunis. I mean her eyes are two different colors and she’s really cool. At least she seems really cool.

Favorite part about Madison: All the sports games have been a lot of fun. I feel really blessed to be a Badger fan these last couple years.

How do you feel about being campus cutie?: Its pretty awesome.  I can’t wait to call my mom and tell her.