Campus Cutie: Mitchell Forbes

As an aspiring physician’s assistant, Mitchell Forbes has lived his college career to the fullest. This campus cutie has a larger than life personality and was eager to introduce himself to his fans. Here’s a little bit about Mitchell:

Year in school and age: Senior, 21

Major: Conservation Biology with certificates in Leadership and Environmental Studies

Hometown: Peshtigo, WI

Relationship Status: Single

Celebrity crush: Hayden Panettiere

Favorite Snapchat filter: The frowning one

Dream career: Emergency surgeon PA

Campus activities: I’m a UW cheerleader, president of the PA Club, and I volunteer at the UW Hospital helping care for and tend to patients!

Spirit animal: Tiger

Favorite place to eat on campus: Gordon’s breakfast. I smash on the weekly.

Role model: My mom because she has taught me everything. I want to be just like her and you know she bad.

Favorite part about Madison: The Arboretum

Guilty pleasure TV show: Pretty Little Liars

Most exciting place you’ve visited: Harry Potter World. It was so amazing.

Something you’ve always wanted to try at UW: Rock climbing

One unique fact about you: I’m friends with Paris Hilton. We talk on the regular.

This campus cutie is definitely worth getting to know! His genuine and fun attitude making him worth the Gordon's date!