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Whats your name? Dan Cech

Where are you from? Houston, Texas

Age? 22

What year are you? Senior

What’s your major? Nuclear Engineering

Are you single? Single

What are you involved with on campus? UW Swimming and Diving team, American nuclear society, and some volunteering

What are your hobbies? Chill with friends. I like to go on long bike rides when the weather is nice. I’ve also been trying read some interesting books when I have time and darts, always love myself a friendly game of darts.

Whats your favorite food? Texas style brisket

What is your perfect date? Really depends on the girl. Whatever she enjoys really, and as long as we have fun. If the girl is happy, then I’d call it a perfect date.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Definitely late night, Greenbush donuts and not leaving my bed all day to watch movies. It’s been a while though, so probably time to do it again soon. 

What’s your hidden talent? I’m a really good chef. I’m really good at whipping up some college gourmet meals that are top tier and I can open a glass bottle with a knife so that’s a fun party trick.

Who’s your celebrity crush? Emily Blunt. Hands down. Such a beautiful, classy woman.

Blondes, Brunettes, or Redheads? No preference!

What do you look for in your dream girl? Someone who I feel happy to always be around with a great sense of humor. They need to laugh at my jokes… that’s mandatory. Someone who doesn’t mind laying on the couch all day or going out for a long bike ride. I’d say they need to be smart and passionate, nothing is more attractive than someone with those qualities and someone who my mom would get along with, of course.

How do you feel about being this week’s campus cutie? Honored and surprised. Hope I don’t disappoint!

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