Campus Cutie: Adam Richman

Sophomore Andrew Richman is a typical college student: he studies hard, loves hanging out with his friends, and will never pass up the opportunity to watch a football game. He also, however, possesses a hidden talent—cooking! Meet culinary wizard Andrew Richman, the boy who loves to boil, blend, slice and drizzle!



Why did you first start cooking?  

I watched the food network every day in middle school and it inspired me to try it out myself. At first my dishes weren’t great, but with practice I became an expert. I cooked a lot through out high school and continued doing so last year so that I could bring my talents to Madison. There’s nothing like seeing the smile on my friends' face when I bring them a fresh meal.

What does your family think of your cooking?

My family loves when I prepare meals for them. Their personal favorite is teriyaki grilled chicken. It’s funny because neither of my parents cook, so they think it's awesome that I developed this passion on my own. My family considers me to be the next Bobby Flay.

What inspires you to cook?

When I see seasonal vegetables and fruits, I always want to purchase them to make a tasty meal. It’s great going to school in Madison because of the easy access to freshly grown produce. Every time I have a good meal at a restaurant, I write down the ingredients on my phone so I can try to make it back at my apartment that week. My favorite things to cook are definitely fajitas and chicken dishes. They are healthy and delicious!

Do you have any funny cooking stories?

One time I was cooking dinner and I left the stove on and my entire apartment filled with smoke. I was shocked the fire alarm didn’t go off, but that didn’t stop me from serving my roommates the best burnt chicken dish they have ever had.

What’s the secret to cooking a good meal?

Always throw in a dash of cayenne pepper. It makes everything taste better.

For right now, Richman finds cooking to be just a fun hobby. Going forward, he’d love to continue making new dishes and creating his own special recipes. Who knows, maybe someday he’ll actually become the next Bobby Flay!