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Campus Celebrity: John Luckey

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Not only is he a music producing world traveler, but also John Luckey, a senior in UW-Madison’s Theta Chi, is in charge of this year’s Ski for Cancer event. As the event is quickly approaching on March 1st, we thought it was important for him to be able to share the importance of the event and to highlight his hard work for a great cause.

Year in School: Senior

Major: Psychology, Italian

Extracurricular activity: I produce music – I’m actually vice president of the Electronic Music Production Club.

Tell me about Theta Chi’s philanthropy:

We’ve always been a very philanthropic fraternity. Ski for Cancer has been closely intertwined with our chapter’s history, and in addition to SFC. Last fall about 70 of us shaved our heads to raise money for childhood cancer research (we raised over $35,000!).


What is Ski for Cancer?

Ski for Cancer is Theta Chi’s annual philanthropy event. Every year we rent buses and bring people to a local ski hill, Cascade Mountain. All proceeds are donated to the MACC Fund, an amazing nonprofit organization that’s working to find a cure for childhood cancer. Ski for Cancer dates back to 1969, and since then SFC has raised over $330,000. We are all very lucky—we are students at a great school and have been given rare opportunities and this event is a great way for all of us to give back!


How did you come to be in charge of Ski for Cancer?

I worked very closely with last year’s chairman and the chapter saw how dedicated I was. I love helping people and being in charge of SFC was just a great fit for me.


What has been the most rewarding part about being in charge of the event?

A group of us took a tour of Children’s Hospital after last year’s Ski for Cancer. On that tour, we heard stories about children whose lives were changed forever by an undeserved diagnosis. The most rewarding part of doing what I do is knowing that I am helping those kids and their families. What our fraternity does truly makes a difference.


Fun Fact about yourself:

I love to travel! I studied abroad in Rome my junior year and I have visited about a dozen different countries.


Sophomore at UW Madison from Los Angeles, California.
Becca Bahrke is a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Madison majoring in Retailing and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Gender & Women Studies. Becca is currently the CC/EIC of Her Campus- Wisconsin, and will continue writing news. Becca's primary hobby is blogging on her tumblr http://beccahasnothingtowear.tumblr.com