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The biggest struggle for college girls who are obsessed with clothes and fashion is that they never seem to have enough money to get what they want to complete their closet and their looks for the certain seasons. Realizing that I do not have the money to get certain clothing items that I’d like being a broke college student, I discovered some cute and cheap staple pieces of clothing on Amazon that can complete any look for any occasion.

White blouse top

I’ve been obsessed lately with the amount of cute white blouses that have been ruling Pinterest and other social media platforms, but I never brought myself to buy one because of the price. If you are still looking for that perfect white top that isn’t too expensive, try this one! This white top can be a perfect piece to wear on its own with anything: a skirt, jeans, patterned pants and more! The little ribbon in the front adds a lot to the shirt, giving it that blousey look. You can buy this shirt for $7.99.

Tennis skirt

If you are on social media, I’m guessing you have seen the latest fashion trends with tennis skirts. This tennis skirt is a cheaper option to complete your look this fall, since the price is only $19.99. It also comes in three bold colors: white, black and pink. You can complete the in fall look this year by wearing an oversized sweatshirt over a collared shirt, with this tennis skirt underneath!

Casual layering piece

The shirt comes in a variety of 16 different colors and is the perfect top to wear under a cute jacket or by itself with baggy jeans. The shirt can be styled up or down as well. You can buy this tight-fitted, cropped top for $13.99.

Zip-up hoodie

Another trend I’ve seen happening lately is either oversized or cropped zip up hoodies. This makes a cute, trendy loungewear look with sweats and a comfy top (such as the suggested casual layering piece from #3). It’s a perfect fit for walking around on campus! Looking on certain major brand names’ sites, I found that most of them range from $30-60 dollars, but after searching on Amazon, I found these two sweatshirts. You can buy either a cropped zip-up for about $24 or a Hanes men’s zip-up sweatshirt for about $14. Although the men’s zip-up sweatshirt is not oversized, you can make it oversized yourself by going up two sizes larger.

Going out top

 If you’re looking for a new top for a night out with your friends, buy this shirt. This cute spaghetti strap top comes in 7 different vibrant colors, has an abdomen cut out and is only $9.99! This shirt honestly can be worn for any occasion too, even loungewear.

After a couple of months of shopping on Amazon, I have found out that you can buy mostly any look-alike, big brand article of clothing at a super low price. Shopping this way can keep you satisfied with your closet and also have all of your friends fooled while you serve looks with your new Amazon products!

Hello everyone! My name is Madelaine Triebold. I am from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and am currently a Sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am a Journalism B.A. major that is taking the Strategic Communication track with a certificate in Digital Studies. Some fun facts about me are that I am a broadway musical fanatic and that I would gladly spend any day at a badger football game! Find me on instagram @mtriebold!
Kate O’Leary

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Kate is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison majoring in Biology, Psychology and Sociology. She is the proud co-president of Her Campus Wisconsin. Kate enjoys indoor cycling, spending time with friends, cheering on the Badgers and making the absolute best crepes ever!