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The Bucky List

The school year is coming to a close, and for some of us – namely, me – this marks the end of our UW-Madison career. In order to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the fabulous things UW has to offer, I took it upon myself to jumpstart your very own “Bucky List.” Adjust accordingly.
1. Explore Lake Wingra.
A beach?! In Madison?! Yes indeed. Wait for the weather to warm up and head to this picturesque lake, where you can go paddle-boarding or simply sunbathe on the sand. A lovely excursion.
2. Order the fish bowl at Wando’s.
Go on a Tuesday so you don’t miss the epic bacon night.
3. Walk to Picnic Point.
A hike and a half, but the scenery is gorg and you’ll feel reaaaally accomplished afterwards.
4. Late night at the Tornado Room.
Late night eats at one of Madison’s finest dining establishments. Enough said.
5. Go bowling at Union South.
Or see a movie, or go rock climbing, or shoot some pool. Bottom line: Union South is, like, really cool.
6. Down a few pitchers of Spotted Cow at the terrace.
Is there anything better on a beautiful spring day?! I think not.
7. Walk up Bascom Hill and take a picture on Abe’s lap.
8. Explore the Chazen Museum of Art.
Sounds lame, but it’s actually really cool and super new – definitely worth checking out.
9. Take a tour of the Capitol.
One of the most beautiful state capitols is literally in walking distance. A must-see.
10. See a show at the Overture Center.
A gorgeous theater that attracts popular Broadway shows and musical acts! Plus, you can get a student discount.

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