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Best Places to Online Shop

With summer right around the corner, what better way to pass time during class and simultaneously spice up your wardrobe than online shopping.  Whether you have floral dresses or edgy jean shorts in mind, you’ll be sure to find both ends of the spectrum on all of these websites.


You’ll be sure to get a run for your money and the next ten Thursday night outfits with just a few scrolls through Tobi.  Tobi offers a wide selection of in-style clothing ranging from casual every day flannels to any combination of silk shirts, crop tops, and envelope skirts to catch any guys’ eye.

Brandy Melville

If you’ve ever scrolled through your Instagram popular page, I don’t doubt that you’ve seen countless girls modeling in Brandy Melville clothing.  That’s no coincidence.  Brandy Melville upgrades your closet with a simple touch.  They have the staples everyone needs and for a reasonable price.  Conveniently, the majority of Brandy Melville clothing is “one size fits all,” so that saves you time and effort from trying to understand the complicated size charts. 

Nasty Gal

Have a few extra dollars to spend?  Direct yourself on over to Nasty Gal.  Nasty Gal prides themselves on pricing their clothing on quality.  Any girl looking to accessorize her plainest outfits or looking to stand out at next weekends formal, Nasty Gal has it all. 

Revolve Clothing

Tired of window shopping and not being able to find your size in store?  If you often find yourself in this dilemma, then Revolve Clothing is waiting for your wallet. Revolve Clothing attracts both the high-end manufacturers as well as boutique store brands that are mainly unheard of.  Although there are thousands and thousands of pages that may be a nuisance to scroll through, it is impossible that you close out of this browser without at least a little dent in your credit card. 

So next time you find yourself dozing off in class or getting a raise at work, treat yourself to a little online shopping!

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