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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

As millennials, I’m sure that most of us are lovers of a good meme. Whether hilarious, quirky or just plain odd, there’s truly something for everyone in the world of memes. Today, I will be taking you on a journey into some of my ~personal favorites~ of 2018…


1. Singing Mike Wazowksi


For everyone’s inner Broadway singer (and let’s be real, it usually comes out in the car or shower) this meme could not be a more accurate representation.



2. Change My Mind


Originating from conservative podcaster (I prefer “troll”) Steven Crowder’s table setup on a college campus, this meme mocked Crowder’s sign, which read “Male Privilege is a Myth, Change My Mind.” People photoshopped various alternatives onto the sign, and the results could not be funnier.




3. Evil Patrick Star


SpongeBob memes have are definitely nothing new—there have been many hilariously popular ones in the past few years, including Spongegar, Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket and Spongemock. However, evil Patrick is the latest, and is a cousin of the earlier Evil Kermit—what the devil on our shoulder is thinking, but doesn’t want to say out loud—or committing everyday acts that you know damn well are counterproductive or annoying, but just can’t stop.



4. It’s Free Real Estate


Through a screenshot from a 2009 YouTube video of Adult Swim comedy Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, this meme addressed…um….open spaces.




5. Moth and Lamp


Born after a Reddit user posted a rather creepy close-up photo of a moth outside his window, this meme showcased the bug’s relationship with his one true love… a lamp. This is definitely one of the stranger ones on the list, but hysterical nonetheless.




6. Anime Butterfly


Originally a screenshot from the anime Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird of a man pointing to a butterfly and asking “is this a pigeon?”, this meme showcased people’s oblivious, confused or even anxious takes on a variety of subjects.



7. Surprised Pikachu

One of the later memes of 2018, surprised Pikachu captured all the times that you are surprised, shocked or angry but really have no good reason to be.




8. Giant Cow


After this photo of Knickers, a 6’4” Australian cow towering at least 2 feet over the rest of his herd circulated the internet, people couldn’t get enough. This meme perfectly captured any time that you might feel just a ~bit~ out of place.



9. Celebrity Full Names



Remember all the times you’ve Googled a celebrity’s real name? With this meme, you could find out every stage-name celebrity’s real name that you’d ever wondered about, including Cardi B, Ice Cube and T-Pain.




10. Weird Flex, But OK


“Weird flex but ok” started on Twitter and was a perfect response to any time that people would brag about or openly discuss something awkward, irrelevant or just plain sad.



11. What Is Your Child Texting?


“What is your child texting?” took a playful jab at the modern day acronyms that ~the kids~ use when texting each other. The topics were endless, ranging from Star Wars to Olive Garden to the U.S. Government.



12. Microwaving a Turkey


It is unclear how the “challenge” originated, but this meme consisted of people texting their moms (who were totally unaware it was a prank, btw), asking how to microwave a turkey a 25-pound turkey and later posting their responses online.



13. Presidential Text Alerts


Let’s be real, anything that allows people to roast Trump is fair game on the internet. This meme came after a nationwide test of the “Presidential Alert System” where everyone received texts, and of course, it didn’t take long for people to start mocking him, spoofing how irresponsible he generally is when it comes to, ahem, social media.




14. And last but not least… Walmart Yodeling Kid.


While this may not be a meme in itself, I think we can all agree that Mason Ramsey (aka Walmart Kid) was one of the strangest and most viral sensations of 2018. From the trap and dubstep remixes to Mason himself appearing at Coachella within a few months of the video being posted, everyone seemed to have something to say about this overnight success story. The internet is an unusual place…


What was your favorite meme from 2018?

Holly is a junior at UW-Madison studying Strategic Communication with a Digital Studies certificate. She is originally from Minneapolis, MN, loves iced coffee, indie music, and warm days on the terrace, and has watched the entirety of The Office three times. She is a Managing Editor for HC Wisconsin and will be heading to London this spring for a semester abroad! 
Hannah, originally from Milwaukee, WI is a Campus Correspondent for HC Wisconsin.  Hannah is a Senior and is studying Political Science and Psychology.  She aspires to work in health policy and will run for office one day.  She is never seen without a cup of coffee in hand and loves to eat any food in sight, especially sushi.  Outside of school, Hannah frequents Badger sporting events and likes to hang out with her friends on the weekends finding new things to do and new places to eat.  Hannah also runs her own Mary Kay business and is obsessed with keeping up with the latest makeup trends! This will be her seventh semester on the Her Campus team, and she loves the org more and more each semester!  It is Hannah's favorite thing that she is involved in on campus and highly recommends anyone with an interest in writing, journalism, or blogging to get involved, you won't regret it! On Wisconsin!!