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The Best Hits From Ed Sheeran’s Newest Album

Ed Sheeran dropped some new music last week, and it has every feature worthy of making it a great album. With different styles and a variety of sounds, Ed’s new album “Divide” may be the album of 2017. Here’s a look into some of the most unique tracks on the album.


  1. Supermarket Flowers

Written as a farewell to his grandmother, “Supermarket Flowers” is the perfect piano ballad. Filled with usual emotions one hopes to hear from an Ed Sheeran song, “Supermarket Flowers” delivers sentiment with a softer, religious-sounding edge.

  1. Bibia Be Ye Ye

Possibly one of the newest sounds for Ed, “Bibia Be Ye Ye” starts out with a sound comparable to Vampire Weekend, but escalates into an electric guitar melody. The song is impossible not to dance to— it will quickly get you on your feet.

  1. Nancy Mulligan

This hit sounds like it came straight from a pub in Ireland. “Nancy Mulligan” is a complete folk tune that pushes yet another new area of music for Ed.

  1. Shape of You

“Shape of You” signifies Ed’s official break into pop music. The electric-sounding song has easily become a top 10 song on the radio.

  1. Dive

This soulful song has Ed pouring out his heart. While it resembles something like a ballad, Ed also belts his heart out in the song. This song has definitely got us feeling feels.

  1. Perfect

It seemed impossible for Ed to get more poetic than “Thinking Out Loud,” but he did it. Closing out this list with a personal favorite, “Perfect” is the slow dance song of the year— it screams romance.


Check out “Divide” to see the many other songs that put a whole new spin on Ed Sheeran’s original style of music.

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