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Three and a half years at UW-Madison so far and countless hours spent on Course Search and Enroll while cross checking the classes with my DARS. I have my DARS basically memorized at this point, and that’s with switching my major four times. If you need some ideas of what are the best humanities courses to take or just a fun class to increase your credits but not the hard course load, you’ve come to the right place. 

Freshman year I got screwed out of most of the required classes I could take as a first semester student. How did I fill up my schedule? Humanities. I don’t necessarily recommend this path because humanities credits are great courses to throw into the mix every semester. Humanities are particularly nice to take your senior semester when you don’t want to do school work anymore. 

Most of the more interesting and fun classes to take at Madison are humanities courses with a few exceptions. Although I love my sciences, I know not everyone would agree so I did exclude Biology from the list. So when you don’t know what to take, make sure to have this article in the back of your mind for reference. 

Music 113 Music In Performance 1cd   –   Humanities

You might know this class as “Clap for Credit.” You sit in a giant lecture hall (not sure how they are doing it during COVID-19 times), listen to performers play and then take a short little quiz about the facts they literally tell you. Best part, you can take this class up to three times for credit! I’ve taken it twice. 

Music 100 The Musical Experience 3cd   –   Humanities

I took this a couple years ago now, but it was basically an intro to the history of music through the centuries. I took notes, participated in discussion where we took quizzes and listened to the different styles of music, and got an A. What more can you ask from a 3-credit humanities course? Highly recommend this class to anybody needing more humanities credits.

Dance 2 Ballroom Dance I 1cd

Just at 11 credits and want to be a full time student? Need one more credit to graduate on time and you already took clap for credit three times? Have zero clue of what else to take? If you answered yes, then this is the class for you. I had zero, and I mean zero, dance experience. I think I even flunked out of ballet classes as a kid. It was actually really fun to learn these graceful dances even when I’m such a klutz. Also, this was a great way to get my movement in without hitting up the gym and while earning credit. You do have to attend outside dances. My favorite way to get this requirement in was to go to the dances hosted by the Swing Dancing Club which is also one of the easiest dances. It was fun and I got an A so I can’t complain. 

Art 100 Intro to Art 3cd   –   Humanities

The best online course I have ever taken, and with two semesters during a pandemic, this says something. Just like dancing, I had very little art experience. I got my supplies, I did my best and participated in the weekly discussion board questions, got an A. This by far was one of the most fun and easiest A’s I’ve gotten. 

Littrans 329 Vampire in Literature and Film 3cd   –   Literature

I searched and searched through the literature course options, and I’m so happy I went with this one. It was super interesting and the professor was super enthusiastic about teaching about Vampire stories. This class includes reading classics such as Dracula, watching the Dracula Movie and watching more modern vampire media such as True Blood. 10/10 even though I got an AB, I have nothing to complain about and would recommend this to everyone.

Ansci 200 The Biology and Appreciation of Companion Animals 3cd    –   Biological Science

One of my top favorite classes I have ever taken in my life, yup I went that far. This class was a lot of work, I’m not going to lie. However, for a Biological Science credit this is probably one of the easiest options. Also who doesn’t want to learn about all of the possible pets you could have, and it’s much more than just about dogs and cats. Even if you don’t need a Biological Science credit, I would still recommend this class.

Soc 120 Marriage and Family 4cd   –   Social Science

This class is not only fun and interesting, but it is also applicable. If you ever think you will get married or have kids, you could benefit from taking this class. It is a lot of work but it is also worth 4 credits, so I expected hours to be put into this class. If you pay attention, do the newspaper reflection and memorize the dates, you’ll do just fine.

Now go write these down or put them in your degree planner so you don’t forget them. I hope you enjoy these classes as much as I did if you choose to take one. Make the most of your college experience, and have fun with classes too!

Note: COVID-19 might change which of these classes are available.

Laura Dirk

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Hi! I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison studying biology. I am crossing my fingers to get into vet school to continue my education and follow my dream! Follow along my rollercoaster of college with me through my articles, learn new tips and tricks, learn from my mistakes, be inspired!
Kate O’Leary

Wisconsin '23

Kate is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison majoring in Biology, Psychology and Sociology. She is the proud co-president of Her Campus Wisconsin. Kate enjoys indoor cycling, spending time with friends, cheering on the Badgers and making the absolute best crepes ever!