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Best Brunch in Madison

When you wake up at noon from a night out, brunch is an essential. Luckily, Madison has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from!  Here are ten of our favorite brunch spots:

  1. Short Stack Eatery: Probably the only place where it is acceptable to order pancakes, eggs, potatoes and toast in one sitting.

Photo Credit: Abby Lipman

2. Basset Street Brunch Club: Definitely worth the wait to sit down!

3. Gotham Bagels: Coming from a New Yorker, this is as close as it gets to a New York bagel in the Midwest!

Photo credits: Abby Lipman

4. Cento: Two words: avocado toast.

Photo Credit: Madeline Friedman

5. Mickey’s Dairy Bar: This place has been serving brunch since 1946 and is still around for a reason.

6. Marigold Kitchen: They have a breakfast menu AND a brunch menu which are both farm-to-table!

7.  Graze: Most of their ingredients are from small farms in the region, which makes for an amazing fresh taste.

8. Madison Sourdough: They offer a great breakfast menu topped with fresh French breakfast pastries.



9. Sunroom Cafe: A Sunday morning go-to to get almost anything.



10. Bowl of Heaven: Venture off campus to get an awesome acai bowl or smoothie!

If you can’t wait until morning to get brunch, some of these places are open until midnight!  Happy brunching!

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