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I wasn’t a huge fan of reality TV until I started watching the plethora of Australian reality shows on Netflix. I’m not sure what it is that makes them so much better than the American shows I refuse to watch. Maybe it’s the accents or the strange yet familiar culture. Regardless, I have compiled a list of endlessly entertaining Australian reality shows. Be wary that this ranking considers entertainment value solely. 

Cheapest Weddings 

Premise: Australian couples planning their weddings on strict budgets. Often includes family drama, bridal party mishaps and last-minute catastrophes. 

Best episode: Episode 2 

Saddest episode: Episode 1 

Accents: 10/10, can’t understand without subtitles. 

Yummy Mummies 

Premise: Docuseries that follows the lives of four rich, young, lavish mothers-to-be where they compete for the yummy mummy crown. 

Best episode: none of them

Saddest episode: all of them 

Favorite quote: “I’m gonna do Burbery at the hospital, I think it’s more ‘baby.’”

Instant Hotel 

Premise: Teams of two travel to other competitors’ homes and rate their hotel experience and compete to win $100,000 prize. 

Beautiful views: 10/10 

Entertaining: 6/10 

Bringing Sexy Back 

Premise: This Biggest-Loser-esque TV show helps people reach their fitness goals and become “sexy again.” Although the fitness journeys are inspiring, the show’s language is dangerously fat-phobic. 

Accents: 6/10

Fat shaming: 10/10 

Inspiring: 10/10

Bondi Ink  

Premise: This TV series follows the day-to-day business at a tattoo shop on Bondi Beach, which is basically the Miami of Australia. 

Scripted drama: 10/10 

Accents: 10/10 

Best episode: all 

Extreme Engagement 

Premise: A recently engaged couple embarks on a one year trip around the world as they explore other cultures’ wedding customs, facing many survival-like challenges along the way. At the end they’ll decide if they still want to get married. 

Scripted drama: 8/10 

Accents: 3/10, the narrator sounds English 

Favorite quote “Ugh, I guess that’s what I get for falling in love with a cross between Tarzan and Tarantino.”


Premise: Brides-to-be get plastic surgery before their big day where the final look will be revealed to her husband, family and friends. 

Ridiculousness: 10/10 

Awfulness: 10/10 

Unlike many American reality TV shows, I would consider the Australian shows listed above as highly educational. If you only watch one, watch Cheapest Weddings and drink every time they say budget.

Sarah Anderson

Wisconsin '22

Sarah is from the Chicago suburbs and is a sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison hoping studying marketing and environmental science. She spends her time making art and music with friends.
I am a senior at the greatest university— the University of Wisconsin. I am in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, double tracking in reporting and strategic communications and earning a certificate in and Digital Studies. I am a lover of dance, hiking, writing for Her Campus, the Badgers and strawberry acais. I am also a president of Her Campus Wisconsin.