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An Apology to My Roommate

To My Dearest Roommate,

I would like to start this letter by saying I am sorry. You have put up with so much this year, and I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am for you. From the first day to the dwindling days we have left together, you have been there to see me rise and fall. Yet, despite the good and the bad, you have stuck around. Although there is an infinite list of things I should be sorry for, I can only hope this list will do.


1. I am sorry for the amount of hair I have left on the floor.

I swear, I shed more than a dog. Even after vacuuming, my hair is still always on the carpet.


2. I am sorry for how early I wake up.

Whether it be for class or because of just my internal alarm clock, I know I was not always the quietest riser. Thank you for turning over and just going back to sleep when I woke you up...every day.


3. I am sorry for how loud I was when I came home late.

From slamming doors to blindly searching for pajamas in my dresser drawers, I am sure I woke you up more than once or twice when I came home late at night.


4. I am sorry for the amount of times I was stressed and vented to you.

Even I know I am not the most enjoyable person when stressed. Although I constantly vented about class, homework, tests, problems with boys, and issues with other friends, you were always such a great listener and never interrupted me.


5. I am sorry for my horrible dances and karaoke sessions.

When 10 p.m. hits, I sometimes feel the uncontrollable need to turn on old throwbacks or Disney music (e.g.: “Buy U a Drank”, “Mr. Brightside”, and “High School Musical”). You were always so accepting and allowed me to dance and sing to my heart’s content.


6. I am sorry for turning our room into a yoga studio.

I never once used my yoga mat for a real yoga class, but you allowed me to turn our room into my own, personal yoga studio. Not only did you never batted an eye when I was attempting some crazy yoga pose, you did not dare judge my “calming yoga music.”


7. I am sorry for always listening to my Netflix and music without my headphones in.

I know… I have multiple pairs of headphones. Yet, I often could not bring myself to use them in our dorm room. Thank you for allowing me to play everything out loud— and getting equally as emotionally invested as me in the Netflix episodes I was watching.


8. I am sorry for the amount of inconveniently timed naps I’ve taken.

5 p.m. is not the ideal time to take a nap, but that never stopped me. You always tried to come into our room silently to not wake me, and I appreciate you for that.


9. I am sorry for talking to myself when writing, and for reading all of my papers out loud.

You probably know the words to some of my papers better than I do. Catching mistakes has always been the easiest when I read aloud, and you never complained— even when I re-read the same paragraph 50 times.


10. I am sorry for calling you late at night when I was walking home.

Walking home alone from studying always felt safer when I was talking to someone. I am forever grateful that you always answered those calls.


I know a lot is missing from this list, but I hope this suffices as to say how sorry— and more importantly, thankful— I am for you. You put up with a lot this year, and I commend you for that.