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Imagine sitting in a car for twenty-six hours straight, with a smelly dog and an even smellier boy.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration on the boy, but the dog definitely gave the car an interesting smell. I would call that strike one. Over spring break, my mom, boyfriend, and I took the trek to Henderson, Nevada where my aunt lives to deliver her new dog. We made the drive there straight, so as soon as I was done with my weather exam we packed up the jeep and headed toward Nevada. 

As we were driving, nothing exciting happened until we got to the mountains of Colorado. Once we got to the mountains, though at about three in the morning we found ourselves in a blizzard. We were slipping and sliding on the winding roads and watching semi-trucks spin out left and right. Needless to say, we were anxious and tired because we’d been driving for almost fourteen hours at that point. It took us twice the estimated time to get through the mountains but, by six in the morning, we were in Utah unscathed. From then on, the drive was smooth and since it was finally light out we were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Utah and Arizona. 

Once we made it to my Aunts’ house, we were all so exhausted, that we got Chick-fil-a and slept all the way through until the next morning. The next day, we decided to venture to the strip, which is only about ten minutes from my aunt’s home. We quite literally shopped until we dropped, Caesars palace is huge and has countless stores that we found ourselves lost in. After shopping, we went to a local seafood boil that was to die for. Then we headed to an interactive art museum called, “Meow Wolf: Area 15”. We got to experience one of the coolest and weirdest places I’ve ever been to. I’d definitely recommend going and solving the mystery that comes with it. The next day, we decided to enjoy the weather and have a pool day, and in the evening we did an escape room. The following day, we spent more time by the pool and went to a nice dinner before packing up and making our plan for the route back.

Our first stop on the way back we hiked and explored the gorgeous Arches National park in Utah. The next day was my birthday, which we spent at Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado. We then drove to Breckenridge, where we spent the night and enjoyed sushi for my birthday. The next day we finished off the last fourteen hours of our drive and made it home at about four in the morning. 

Overall, this was a crazy journey with many twists and turns. The fact that we didn’t have a plan was a little nerve-wracking, but it also added a fun edge to the vacation that I’d never experienced before. I’d definitely do it again, we had so much fun. 

Kylie Carriveau

Wisconsin '25

UW Madison '25 Studying Psychology