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It never gets old

This show is by far my favorite out of everything on Netflix. Its plot pulls on the heart strings and the humor never gets old. Despite being made back in 2012, the show remains relatable to any young adults navigating the adult world in work and in social life. The show consists of the main characters Jessica Day, her best friend Cece, and her three roommates Nick Miller, Winston Bishop and Schmidt. Throughout the show, all characters must find and navigate love, and I find that I can relate to each character in some way. 

Jess is a young teacher who slowly advances in her career path to become vice principal. She is awkward and extremely caring towards everyone. During the seven seasons of the show, we see her face unemployment and struggles in finding love, but she perseveres and everything turns out alright in the end. 

Nick Miller is by far the funniest character. He dropped out of law school, became a bartender, enjoys drinking and is lazy and cheap. He does not like paying his bills, but as the show progresses, he writes an amazing book and becomes a successful author. 

Winston Bishop is Nick Miller’s long time friend, since they grew up together in Chicago, IL. Winston has a habit of hurting himself, is unlucky in the love department and goes through many different jobs. He goes through a phase where he has a cat named Furguson, before finding his true love, Aly. He meets Aly when he discovers his passion to be a police officer and Aly becomes his partner. 

Schmidt is a successful businessman in marketing who has been best friends with Nick Miller since college. Schmidt used to be largely overweight, but got into shape in college and became better with the ladies. He is introduced as a player and gets yelled at by his roommates to put money in the “douche jar” whenever he says something a douchebag would say. Schmidt’s player tendencies fade when he meets Cece, Jess’s best friend, and falls completely in love with her. The two of them have an on-and-off relationship throughout the series until eventually they get married. Cece works as a model and her friendship with Jess and everyone else develops throughout the show. 

These characters are so relatable, and I love how it displays how people don’t have to be the same to have a meaningful friendship. This group of friends gets into many fights, but they always seem to make up and move on. They have disagreements, but it doesn’t make them dislike each other. If you are looking for a show about friendships and navigating dating in your 20s, New Girl is the show for you.

I am a junior studying Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I want to work in public relations and I hope writing for Her Campus will help spread my influence and help people by creating relatable content.