9 Ways to Get Invited to a Fraternity Formal

Frat formals are the closest thing that college has to prom, and as prom season draws near, the want to get dressed up with all your friends and have a fun night out becomes real. The only thing missing from this fairytale evening is a date… but the good news is, there might be a way to con an unsuspecting male into asking you.

1.     Remind your best guy friend all of the things he owes you for, like that one time you creatively saved him from that stage five clinger.

Thank God you reminded him how horrendous those late rental fees were so he could attend to them immediately.

2.     Casually ask your potential date about his formal—such as where they are going, what they are doing, what he’s going to wear. If you’re feeling really bold you can even drop the words “take me” and “formal” in the same sentence.

This might be taking things a little far.

3.     Remind him that you are an all star dancer and an elite partier.

“I solemnly swear to always keep you entertained”

4.     Tell his friends how much you’ve been hoping he would ask you to go.

Keep in mind there is a 1000% chance his friends will tell him everything you say.

5.     Show him all of the cute (and slightly provocative) dresses you want to buy but have nowhere to wear them.

“But Mooommmmm, I’m just trying to look hot.”

6.     Put the fear of God into every other girl he might ask and make sure you are standing right beside him when he realizes he doesn’t have a date come game time.

The subtext to any conversation you have with one of his potential dates.

7.     Do nice things for him.

And I hope you show your appreciation by taking me to formal.

8.      Buy him a love fern.

And throw a fit when he neglects to water it.

9.      When all else fails shine up your old brown shoes put on a brand new shirt and go up to him and sing “I WANT YOU TO WANT ME, I NEED YOU TO NEED ME, I’M BEGGING YOU TO TAKE ME TO FORMAL.”

How could he ever resist?

If he’s still playing hard to get… forget about it, move on, put on a beautiful dress and eat a tub of ice cream while you watch a rom com. Also, cut the zipper out of his favorite dress pants. That’s sure to put a damper on his evening. 

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