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9 Signs You’re From Minnesota

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

Summers are spent at the lake, up north or in the city. Winters are spent skiing, snowboarding, sledding or cuddling up with tea indoors (because of the -20 degree weather!). Sound familiar? Here are nine telltale signs that you are a true Minnesotan.


1. You say pop instead of soda

You’ve probably gotten a weird look for asking for a “pop” instead of soda. Maybe you were teased because of your Minnesota “O”. Can’t forget about the hot dish vs. casserole controversy. Oh, and Duck Duck Grey Duck, NOT “Goose”. End of story. #JustMinnesotaThings

2.  You love Sebastian Joe’s and other yummy ice cream places

If you’re an ice cream lover like myself, you’re probably aware of the yummy ice cream shops around the Twin Cities. Sebastian Joe’s is my personal fave (raspberry chocolate chip all the way); but Izzy’s, Nelson’s and Milkjam (for my vegan and gluten free ladies) are all high on the list as well.

3. The State Fair is the highlight of your summer

The Minnesota State Fair is probably one of the highlights of the summer, if not the whole year. There’s something for everyone: cute animals, bizarre fried foods on sticks (alligator ribs??), concerts at the Grandstand, the Midway and especially Sweet Martha’s cookies with milk — Nothing beats Sweet Martha’s.

4. You know the truth about the Mall of America

The hype over the Mall of America is overrated. It can be fun when you’re in a big shopping mood, but navigating through massive herds of tourists taking group selfies to get to the two story Forever 21 can get old after a while — not to mention the half-mile walk to get there (but it makes for a lot of Fitbit steps!). There are some perks, though: Nickelodeon Universe is a great time, and we all probably spent at least a few birthday parties there (throwback to the good ol’ days when it was “Camp Snoopy”).

5. You loathe road construction

There are two seasons in Minnesota: winter and construction season. It’s seriously never ending.

6. You know Chino’s Pineapple Drink is a great photo op 

You’ve probably gotten that drink in a pineapple at Chino Latino in Minneapolis just to take a picture holding it.

7. The Minneapolis lakes are your favorite hangout spot 

Speaking of fun places in Minneapolis, can we talk about Lake Harriet and Lake Bde Maka Ska (formerly known as Lake Calhoun)? You’ve probably swam, lay out, paddle-boarded or kayaked at one or both lakes. Ice cream at the Bandshell (or down the street at the other Sebastian Joe’s) and hanging out by the water is hands down one of the best ways to spend a Minnesota summer evening, especially if there’s a local band playing. Also, I highly recommend hammocking at either lake for some relaxation.

8. You love “Spring” weather

People break out the shorts and tee shirts when the weather hits 50 degrees in March, even when there’s still snow on the ground. That’s the best because you know it will be spring soon.

9. You have massive MN pride!

All in all, you’ve got that 11/10 Minnesota pride. You’ll never meet a person who will keep quiet about why they love their hockey-obsessed state.


Whether you’ve lived there your whole life, spend your summers there orknow of it because of its “frozen tundra” of a winter, the “Minnesota Nice” culture makes it the best place ever!