8 Things Every Short Girl Can Relate To

“All short girls are sassy and angry” is a statement that I have seen a lot in memes, tiktoks, tweets, etc. But do the people that post these ever think that the reason petite girls can get angry is because of people like them who make fun of our height on the daily? Although short girls being “angry” is not necessarily a real thing, it does get annoying when comments on your height overwhelm your life. If you’re a short girl you’ll relate to the disadvantages and advantages of your height!

  1. 1. You always look younger than your friends

    Short girls cannot stand when someone tells you that you do not look your age. This is one situation where people need to learn not to say anything. I am sure this short girl already knows that she looks younger, but there is no reason to state the obvious. It could even be an insecurity of hers that you do not know about. It is not that us short girls have a baby face, but it is our height that makes our age deceiving to others. It gets irritating when every middle-schooler you walk by is around your height or taller. 

  2. 2. Troubles with clothes

    There are many pros and cons on the topic of clothes for short people. On the bright side, you can save money by shopping in the kids’ section and if you’re petite as well, you can actually fit into the clothes at Brandy Melville. On the downside, you have to make sure a store carries petite clothes; you cannot own a pair of yoga pants because you only trip on them and end up having to roll all of your jeans.

  3. 3. You drive like an old grandma

    I am sure there has been some time in your life where someone pointed out how close your seat is to the steering wheel. Well, if it was any farther away, I would not be able to drive! If friends are able to squeeze in a phrase referencing your height at one part of the day, you would think they would be smart enough to figure out the reason why your seat is so close to the steering wheel by now.  

  4. 4.  Not being able to see at concerts

    Concerts can be a major struggle since most people are taller than you and it makes it impossible to see the stage. Getting sucked into a mosh pit feels like a death sentence when a bunch of guys over 6 feet tall are jumping all around you. On the plus side, your small size makes it way easier to maneuver your way through the large crowds and mosh pits and make your way to the front row. 

  5. 5.  Every guy is taller than you

    This has to be one of the best reasons why it is okay to be short. You never have to worry about being taller than a guy! If you are 5’3 and under, that just means there are more options available for us.  

  6. 6. “Aww you are so cute!” is not something you want to hear

    People say this without realizing how annoying this is to literally any girl. You are a grown woman and being cute is not considered a compliment in your eyes. “Cute” is a word used for children and us short girls are sick of being mistaken for middle schoolers. Try using a word like “beautiful” or “pretty” next time, please!  

  7. 7. Being called short on a daily basis

    There is a wide spectrum of ways I have been called short. Some examples are “fun-sized,” “pipsqueak,” “bean,” “pocket-sized,” and the list goes on and on. Not only words, but people also use phrases that imply that I am short, like “I feel so tall next to you!” or “How’s the weather down there?” If I had a dollar for every time someone called me short, my tuition would be paid for by now.

  8. 8. Perfect height for hugs

    There may be disadvantages to being short but nothing feels better than when your friends tell you you are the best at giving hugs. There may be certain things you cannot do because of your height, but at least you know how to give great hugs.  

Being short has many pros and cons but you should not let your height define you. I know that sometimes you struggle with your height or it can get you down, but after a while, you learn not to focus on it. Learn to love yourself and accept who you are and your life will get 1000 times better! Rock your height and no one will think twice about it!